Weckerly's Ice Cream & Philadelphia Science Crawl

Happy Friday Everyone! Today, I wanted to share a little corner of Philly that I have been loving: Weckerly's Ice Cream in Fishtown! What drew me to Weckerly's was their cute cones and the sandwiches. Trust me they taste as good as they look. Weckerly's is a familiar name and I had heard of their ice cream but I had not made a trip since moving here. I decided to check it out after my friend raved about their ice cream and more notably their ice cream sandwiches. I took the opportunity to check them out one Sunday when my friends and I decided to check out the Science Festival Bar Crawl in Fishtown earlier last month. We first stopped at a bunch of participating locations and enjoyed some of the science demonstrations before heading to the ice cream shop down the street.


My Experience at Weckerly's

Once we got to Weckerly's, we were greeted with a scrumptious scent of sugar and cream. I ordered a coffee scoop with a mini vanilla ice cream sandwich on a cone. It was delicious and I loved the waffle cones they have. The coffee flavor has notes of coffee and vanilla with just the right amount of sweetness. The sandwich was also a great texture and firm which I prefer. It consisted of chocolate cookies with vanilla ice cream sandwiched in between. A pairing that one can never go wrong with.

I loved it so much that I returned as soon as the weather got warmer. This time I ordered a Blueberry Breakfast scoop on a cone and the Black & White ice cream sandwich. The Blueberry Breakfast flavor has swirls of blueberry and graham cracker with a vanilla base. It was so summery and satisfying. The Black & White ice cream sandwich however stole the show on this particular visit. Normally, I don't like chocolate ice cream but Weckerly's has theirs down. It's delicious and really converted me to the thought of ordering a chocolatey flavor next time. This ice cream sandwich starts off with a chocolate chip cookie with vanilla and chocolate ice cream sandwiched in between. It's well balanced and comforting.

About Weckerly's

Weckerly's is a Philadelphian micro-creamery that specializes in creating a rotation of seasonal flavors everyday using fresh cream from grass-fed cows and local ingredients from Southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. It's almost dangerous because I want to keep coming back to try their newest flavors after looking at their Instagram stories. Their flavors change weekly with a few perennials available year-round. This ensures that every visit to Weckerly's is unique and reflects the season to a T. Their grass fed cows come from Seven Stars Farm in Chester County and their free-range eggs from Sandy Ridge Farm. This ensures that each batch is hand-made with care and truly let the ingredients shine. It's fresh, unique and a perfect reflection of what makes Philadelphian ice cream great! Plus, the staff is super friendly and helpful if you can't decide what flavor to get.

Philly Science Festival Bar Crawl


The bar crawl was an extension of the Franklin Institute's Science Festival week. It's free to enjoy but a wristband ($5) grants you access to some food and drink specials. It was fun and family friendly with stops at La Colombe, a coffee-shop with character and charm. My favorite demonstration was one that demonstrated how phantom limb syndrome feels to non-amputees. It was crazy because I was sure, the girl stroked my hand with the paintbrush even though she didn't. If you aren't familiar with this experiment, read here. There are a couple of bars included on the route such as Frankford Hall, a favorite of mine. We ate some french fries with a side of curry ketchup which was highly addicting. Thanks guys!

Our last few stops of the evening were Barcade, Garage and Johnny Brenda's. Barcade features a variety of old-school video games that you can play as you sip on some local craft-beers. Garage is another great spot with a couple of games like skee ball and pool which will surely entertain your group. Last but not least, Johnny Brenda's is a close stop if you're looking for some delicious vegetarian options. Their bbq seitan burger and fries are tasty and extremely filling and the decor is dim and colorful. Fette Sau is great if you enjoy bbq ribs and mac and cheese also!

I hope you enjoyed reading about all these cool spots in Fishtown! Be sure to check them out on your next visit to Philly. If you try Weckerly's let me know what flavor you had!

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Until next time, xo.

Christine Celine 

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