Love and Honey Philly


Hello everyone! Happy Friday! A couple weeks ago, I made a visit to Love & Honey in Northern Liberties. Love & Honey is known for their delicious Nashville hot chicken, celery slaw and pies. After trying a couple of the menu items, I was hooked. Plus, the owners are super friendly and the service is great! I knew we were in good hands because every customer that came into Love & Honey was talking up how good the food was.


I was greeted with a delicious aroma and rustic decor upon entering. It takes 15-20 minutes to get your food as the chicken is fried in small batches. I promise the wait is so worth it. I love that Love & Honey does this because when you get your order it is fresh, hot and delicious.

Love & Honey Menu


Nashville Hot Chicken


Okay, I'll admit this Hot Chicken is not that spicy for my friends who can take the heat. As a girl who eats buldak noodles on the regular this fried chicken was extremely mild. However, the sandwich did not lack flavor and I absolutely LOVED it. The seasonings and spices are a great blend of flavor that melds perfectly with the bun, pickles and buttermilk ranch slaw. In one bite, the sandwich is spiced, refreshing and filling.

Buttermilk Ranch Slaw

If you didn't know, I am really not fond of coleslaw. It is not something I order, ever. My mind was blown after a couple of bites into my sandwich. The slaw at Love & Honey is light refreshing and unique. There is tons of dill, fresh buttermilk ranch and celery to keep the coleslaw refreshing and palatable. I absolutely loved it and had to order myself a side of it immediately.



Furthermore, the cornbread is also delicious and comes with a honey butter that is sweet and delicious. The honey butter melted and found its way into the warm crevices of the cornbread that is freshly baked on site. Love & Honey's original fried chicken is also available and has a wonderful and crispy outside with a juicy center. If I had to choose, my heart lies with the sandwich but both orders were extremely good.

Butterscotch Cream Pie

Quick! Make your way over to Love & Honey before May ends for a delicious bite of dessert. This pie has a generous dollop of fresh cream and a crumbly toffee nut crust. I was so happy that I took this pie to-go because I was so full after our lunch. I think next time, I will try their signature sweet potato pie and that potato salad.


Overall, I loved coming here and can't wait to come back. Love & Honey is a great lunch if you're in the mood for some good fried chicken. Another great perk is that they deliver so if you're in a rush just schedule with TryCaviar or UberEats or pick-up in-store. I hope this gets you excited to try Love & Honey because it's become one of my favorite spots for fried chicken. There's definitely a couple others on my list that I'll have to cover sometime.

Until next time. XO,

Christine Celine