March 2019 Spotify Playlist


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day in advance! 2019 needs to slow down for a moment because I am dumbfounded that it is March already. I’ve been listening to a lot of random music in other playlists such as Fresh Finds (a.k.a. an abyss of random songs that may appear on other playlists once I listen to them fully). However, below, you will find the ones that did make the cut this month. I also want to note that I’ve been listening to Jack Harlow’s most recent album, Loose,  thoroughly. Definitely give him a listen. You can follow the March 2019 Spotify Playlist here! Don’t forget to follow me on Spotify & Instagram (@christineceline) to stay connected.



Jack Harlow & Taylor - VACATE*

This is one of my favorite songs from this album. The chorus is literally so good and the lyrics are playful. Taylor is also a really good feature here!

UMI - Butterfly*

Butterfly is so buttery smooth and mellow. This song speaks to my soul and captures my month so succinctly. I’m really working on myself while finding myself. (How did I get lost? Who knows, but I’m figuring it out.)

Rai-Elle - Always On My Mind (Jauntin UKG Remix)*

This was a nice recommendation from a friend. I really love this remix and Rai-Elle’s voice. This song always puts me in a good mood and I am confident you’ll be smiling along as well.

Nao &  6LACK - If You Ever 

Nao & 6LACK mesh together so well on this track. I really enjoy the dancehall inspired beats on this song that intertwine with some violins and airy harmonies.

Jay Prince - In The Morning

We’re approaching spring and this song is very appropriate for  the change of season. I think that it teases summer feels but remains a little more subdued.

Souly Had - Crush

I instantly felt like this was a song that Mac Miller would have released back in the day. Another happy love song that puts you in a good mood.


This is a throwback but I’ve been singing it a ton these days. Sometimes I just want to reset, restart and replay. 

Etta Bond - Shorny*

Shy + Horny = Shorny. This song is an ethereal and dreamy bop. I’m honestly such a shy person and would much prefer staying in and never leaving my bed, either.

Amber Olivier - Bad Boy*

This song is sultry, simple and sexy. I absolutely Amber Olivier’s silky voice and her cadence on this track. It’s so effortless.

BAYNK & Sinead Harnett - Settle 

Sinead Harnett can never do wrong on any track she joins. This is a light and airy electronic song that picks up the pace a little.

Ravyn Lenae & Steve Lacy - 4 Leaf Clover*

It’s March, so this song is more than appropriate with St. Patrick’s Day around the corner. This is a retro track with some ear-pleasing harmonies. I could use a four leaf clover, too, girl.

Xuitcasecity & Pink Sweat$- Not Nice*

I love this track and Pink Sweat$ vocals on this track. It is a vibrant and sparkling track that moves quickly.

Higher Brothers & NIKI - No More*

Instantly fell in love with the song the second NIKI came on the track. Her verses flow so well over the moody bass. If you haven’t heard of Higher Brothers, they’re a a Chinese rap group also affiliated with 88RISING.


This song is sultry and a classic R&B track with a smooth production. I love JON VINYL’s falsetto and the chorus in particular here.

Julius - Fear* 

“God will make a way if its meant for you… Stop fearing what you don’t know.” This song reminds me to have faith in the universe. Fear only prevents the good from flowing. So cast those doubts aside and let abundance flow. Also Julius has such a beautiful voice.

Yoko Gold - AYYO

Another R&B song with some twangy guitar riffs that build into a lively chorus. I really enjoy the chill tempo of this track.

Jack Harlow &  K Camp - PICKYOURPHONEUP*

This is another song that flies by so fast. It’s so enjoyable and I always want to  dance along to this one. Literally always on loop at the gym.  If you like this, check out his other song SUNDOWN.

Peachy! & Ward Wills- Drown with You*

This is a lo-fi track that floats into space. This song really shines and might be my favorite from Peachy! in recent times. Definitely give it a listen!

slenderbodies - king*

Paranoid. That’s been a mood for me lately. I forgot how much I love slenderbodies but my friend, Frabs, was listening to them one day and I was like time to jump back into them again.

King Princess - Pussy is God*

Thank you for introducing me to King Princess and inviting me to go with you to her concert last month, Jess! I absolutely fell in love with her personality and her music. This song always puts me in SUCH a good mood.

KennyHoopla - Lost Cause//

This song is a nice mix of indie and R&B and slightly reminiscent of the Neighbourhood.

boy pablo - Feeling Lonely*

For a topic so solemn (breakups), this song is so incredibly upbeat. I love the juxtaposition because honestly sometimes people hide behind their smiles but they are feeling lonely, too. This is the musical version of that.

Omar Apollo & Teo Halm - Today

I’m in an open relationship with death; it’s called sleep. I wish I was asleep too. This song is a nice indie bop from me to you.

Willow - Wait a Minute!

Indie meets neo-soul influences. I absolutely love Willow and this song is a nice blast from the past. It’s easy to lose yourself but sometimes you need to take a moment and regain that consciousness.

slenderbodies - take you home

I absolutely love how this song blends funky guitar riffs and ambient bass plucks with whispery vocals.

Vindata & R.LUM.R  - Emotion

This is a nice R&B/electronic track with high energy and sparkly beats.

Dijon - Skin 

This song reminds me of Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange era but on the mellow side.

Jai Wolf & Day Wave - Your Way 

This is such a good collaboration. I absolutely love Day Wave &  their synth-inspired music & vocals.

Emotional Oranges -  Hold You Back

Another recommendation from a friend from college. I really enjoy their retro feel on this track and it was an instant like. 

Khalid - Talk*

Apparently, I really love retro vibes because here’s another one. I absolutely love how this song bounces along so effortlessly through Khalid’s higher vocal register.

Marc E. Bassy & Kehlani - Made Love First

Sometimes I wish that we just got to know each other first. That’s all.

Frvrfriday - Racecarmode!*

This song zooms ahead from the get go. I absolutely love all of Frvrfriday’s songs and this one is my current favorite.

Jazz Cartier - IDWFIL

First of all, I really love the Kali Uchis “Tyrant” sample here. The flow is also pretty good and “I don’t want to fall in love, no.“

gianni & kyle - independent

An independent af woman who does not need any man.

Refs - Roots

Here we can reminisce on an past love listening to this soulful, stripped-down, electronic track.

Drake - March 14

This is a March playlist. This song is March 14. Made sense.

Ariana Grande - in my head*

This song is literally my life. It’s so easy to be blinded by infatuation but you gotta see the real person. Not the one in your head.

Don’t forget to check out February’s Spotify Playlist for some more fresh finds. I’ll be back in April with another monthly playlist, of course. Please drop song suggestions below and they could be featured in next month’s playlist!


Christine Celine

*favorites/absolutely listen to these