February 2019 Spotify Playlist

Love is in the air this February. Whether you are single and ready to mingle, tied down or just doing your own thing, there’s a song on this playlist to get into the mood. I’ve been expanding my public playlists this year by genre and would love to create a new playlist for collaboration. That way you can show me your favorite songs of the moment and we can end up with a giant list of amazing songs. Please comment down below or message me if you want to connect and share some dope songs. In the meantime, you can follow the February 2019 Playlist here! Don’t forget to follow me on Spotify & Instagram (@christineceline) to stay connected.

February 2019 Spotify Playlist

Lolo Zouaï - Jade (ft. Blood Orange)*

Jade is delicate and beautiful. This is one of my favorite releases from Lolo & I love Blood Orange’s feature on this song. I think he perfectly juxtaposes Lolo Zouaï’s delicate and bright vocals.

iyla - Flowers*

I fell in love with iyla last month. Her voice is so buttery and I love singing along to this song. Plus, I’m sure we’ve all been in a situation where someone tries to smooth things over with empty words and flowers but it’s not about those materialistic displays of affection.

Lolo Zouaï - Brooklyn Love*

Lolo Zouaï is one of my favorite artists and I definitely wanted to bring this song back this month. I love the verses in French and feel like this song depicts the best parts of the early stages of falling in love. Perfect for Valentine’s right?

Aftertheparty - Numb*

This song is so good. Aftertheparty always puts out solid productions on his tracks coupled with hazy vocals.


I’ve been enjoying this song during my workouts for some reason this month. This EP was solid and I love the guitar riffs and chorus in particular.


I’ve really been feeling this song lately. It starts off wild and then takes a turn for something unexpected and vulnerable as he falls for the girl. (Fun Fact: Capricorns are ruled by Saturn & I was Sailor Saturn for Halloween. So does this mean I’m a RATCHET SATURN GIRL, too?)

gianni & kyle - wave*

Instant favorite. I also smile at the “Maryland to L.A.” lyric because I did find this song when I was in Maryland and I always want to go to Los Angeles.

Col3trane - New Chain

This song starts off with the smoothest intro and bounces from tender vocals to some unexpected and refreshing rapping from this London artist.

Summer Walker - Session 32*

This song is raw, unedited and quite honestly represents a major MOOD for me. Don’t let someone tell you they love you when they themselves don’t know what love is. It’s not all roses.

Roy Woods - Snow White

This is a mid-tempo song with some fun lyrics about a girl who clearly loves a fast-paced, lavish life (& snow).

BRIDGE - Brainwaves (ft. Vory)*

“You should think about your actions, not thinking about your captions.” I love the sultry smooth beat on this track and the lyrics are so good. Sometimes people just don’t see eye to eye, i guess.

Jorja Smith - February 3rd

Yesterday was February 3rd and this is a February Playlist so I had to add this. Aside from that, I love this song. Jorja’s voice is hypnotic and smooth. I’m also constantly finding myself but in the meantime why don’t you lose yourself for me, too?

Nao - Make It Out Alive (ft. SiR)*

I absolutely love this collaboration between Nao and SiR. This song also speaks to my soul because I feel like I plunged headfirst into 2019 and everything is in full flux. I’ve been asking, “How do we make it out alive?”

Naji & Sara Diamond - Trust Issues

Naji was my favorite Soulection find of 2018. He’s so talented and I look forward to his future releases. This song flows so well between Naji and Sara Diamond with some synth beats that melt into their vocals.

Omar Apollo - Heart

This track is laid-back and dreamy paired with some falsetto and crunchy riffs. Omar Apollo croons with delicacy and I love the Spanish lyrics as well.

Frvrfriday - Floral*

Picking things up, Floral was perfect for this playlist. I really love the tempo of this track. Frvrfriday really works hard on his tracks and it shows.

Sophie Meiers - Something About You

This song is slightly eerie and dainty all at once. I feel like she’s haunted by the person she likes and you can hear it sonically.

gianni & kyle - do u even miss me at all?*

Honestly, this song is another major mood. I’ve really be loving gianni & kyle and their style.

Brasstracks & R.LUM.R - I’m Alright*

Brasstracks has the smoothest and most playful tracks. Their use of brass instruments gives me such joy. I could sing this at the top of my lungs and feel so much better.

Ama Lou - Not Always

This song starts off a little slow but picks up over time. This song really highlights the soft and gentle vocals from Ama Lou. If you enjoy Jorja Smith, this is the song for you.

Jamila Woods - Bubbles

This song is syrupy and sweet with magical harmonies mixed in. This soulful song reminds me to love and care for myself. #selfLOVE

H.E.R. - Feel A Way*

This song depicts the frustrations felt when someone tests your patience time and time again. Seriously, just don’t make me feel a way. I love the bass and H.E.R. always makes the best songs with her ethereal voice.

Kayla Brianna - Confused

Same, girl. Kayla Brianna is an artist I definitely slept on. I really love her voice and this song is super cute.

Future - Promise U That

This song is laid-back and I’ve been enjoying it on those chill nights with friends when you stay in and listen to music.

Tanner Molique - Like Me

Another upbeat song that I love throwing on at the gym. He reminds me of NAV & the Weeknd and has a pretty good flow.


This was a fun taste of what is to come from J. Cole. I think this song is pretty great and I’m ready for more.

21 savage & Childish Gambino - monster*

I think I fangirled so hard the second I heard Childish go in on that rap verse. I was not ready for him and had no clue he was even on this track. I love his verse.


This is an older song but I recently couldn’t stop listening to it. It’s dreamy and smooth as usual.

A.CHAL - 000000

This song is another great one from EXOTIGAZ. This one always has me dancing around.

Mahalia - No Reply*

Slowing things down, Mahalia floats over this R&B track. I love the lyrics because they make me feel empowered and strong.

RINI - My Favourite Clothes*

This song is such a cute and bittersweet song. RINI’s so gentle and the instrumentals are so bright and sparkle.

Jhené Aiko - Wasted Love Freestyle*

Jhené Aiko is so perfect and her voice just slides smoothly along and blends into the synths effortlessly.

Justine Skye & Arin Ray - Build*

This song makes me feel so empowered and was actually written in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness month in October. I absolutely love the lyrics and they serve as a beautiful personal reminder. You can’t build the perfect person, so might as well work on perfecting yourself.

Loving - The Not Real Lake

This is a mellow indie song with lo-fi tendencies. Just sit back and relax.

UPSAHL - Drugs

This a moody indie pop song from UPSAHL is quite enjoyable and probably an anthem for all my fellow introverts. I hate small talk and really value genuine conversations, too.

Matisse & Sadko, Aspyer & Matluck - Don’t Tell Me

Wow, an EDM song. It’s been a while since I ventured back into this genre (maybe a couple months). This song makes me so happy though and I hope you can dance around to it also.

Don’t forget to check out January’s Playlist for some more cute love songs. My personal favorites are Juice, Dancing with the Devil & #Bad4Me. Well, that’s a wrap for February, see you in March for the next playlist!


Christine Celine