September 2018 Spotify Playlist


Hello, hello and Happy September. I have a new round of music favorites for you and I think it's going to be a fun one. I have really been grooving with those soulful jazzy riffs that people have been putting out lately. In addition, my talented cousin, Ruby Velle, has been working on some amazing solo projects and she been featured by HBO and Showtime’s Shameless. Definitely listen to her song listed at the end of my playlist!

I hope you can dance along and that these songs make you as happy as they make me. I also wanted to note because of the length of the playlist and the demands of school, the descriptions will be more succinct and shorter from here on out. Be sure so follow me on Spotify here, the playlist here and check out the highlights on YouTube here! Without further ado, heres my September Music Favorites for 2018!

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September 2018 Spotify Playlist

Two Another - Hoping You Changed*

A silky R&B duo from London with an infectious track to start your month. 

Ari Lennox - Whipped Cream

A sultry driving beat with silkier vocals from my favorite girl.

AOBeats, SATIKA & SAKIMA - The Wave*

An upbeat indie electronic beat with some airy vocals and great production. 

Silk City, GoldLink & Desiigner - Loud

A fun and breezy collaboration with one of my favorite rappers, GoldLink, and Silk City's production is so good. (Fun fact: Silk City is named after a diner in Philly and is a duo consisting of Diplo & Mark Ronson)

Kalin White - do me like that*

An R&B song with a fun chorus and easy verses to float through. 

MANILA GREY - Disco Eyes*

I have been loving this duo and their unique eclectic electronic/hip-hop sound. Definitely check out their album: No Saints Under Palm Shade. 

Summer Walker - CPR*

Another silky song for easy listening from up and coming artist, Summer Walker. A soulful and classic beat with soothing vocals.  

Blood Orange - Charcoal Baby*

The perfect song to bid summer farewell. Blood Orange is a British artist that blends the best of indie rock, soul and pop. 

Jungle - Heavy, California* 

A funky beat nostalgic of the 70's coupled with some psychedelic jazzy riffs. Jungle is a London based band that takes soul and refreshes it with a modern twist. 

Light Skinned Alien - Jiyo

Currently an enigma with only one single, Light Skinned Alien keeps it very low key on Jiyo. It's a really great single with some eclectic undertones.

emawk - 18*

A soothing song about growing up that blends some electronic with soulful vocals. 

Sylo Nozra & Ty Senoj - je t'adore*

Whimsical and sweet, Sylo Nozra sings about being in love with sultry vocals and addicting guitar riffs. 

Goldwash - Won't Cry

An alternative indie song with some nods to R&B. I won't cry and neither will you after listening. 

Summer Walker - Girls Need Love 

Another winding and laid-back track from Summer Walker. Silky and sexy vocals with a feminine authority that knows what she wants.

Justine Skye & Jeremih - Back For More

A classic R&B kind of track with some driving beats from Justine Skye. You won’t regret it.

Devvon Terrell - Temperature*

This is such a refreshing original from Devvon Terrell. If that name is familiar, he went viral for a remix of Work in 2016. He indeed is the living weirdo and I am so glad he has his own album now.

Amir Obe - Holy Shit

Honestly how I feel about this semester. This song is darker and has a quality akin to a hazy nightmare but I think it’s a nice lead up to Halloween.

Ayelle - Mad

A simple track that focuses on Ayelle’s beautiful vocals. It’s a minimalistic R&B track that I absolutely adore.

Ian Ewing & Virginia Palms - Phases

A song with some airy guitar rifts similar to Tom Misch but with some feminine vocals layered over them.

Hablot Brown & ESTA. - Lonely

By now, you know I adore Soulection’s label. This track is soulful and highlights the smooth vocals from Hablot Brown. Check out their Black Label release for more.

88rising & Joji - Head in the Clouds

Joji always produces tracks with airy vocals and beats. Head in the Clouds is a perfect title and song for him on 88rising’s recent release with the same name.

Manila Grey - Backhouse Bounce

This song has more electronic production than previous picks and an upbeat base for their indistinct vocals.

Dillon Francis & De La Ghetto - Never Let You Go

This track makes me just want to dance with its 80’s throwback vibe. The Spanish lyrics glide naturally over the production and its exciting in anticipation for Dillon Francis’ Spanish-language album release.

Masego & Tiffany Gouché - Queen Tings*

A sultry and playful track from my favorite, Masego. The saxophone is my favorite element in this song and a signature of Masego.

Justine Skye & Vory - Know Myself

Picking things up, this track is bouncy and vibrant. Again, Justine Skye’s voice shines here.

Leon Bridges - Bad Bad News*

A more soulful and jazzy track from Leon Bridges. I really recommend checking him out because his songs are all so good.

Leven Kali & Syd - Do U Wrong*

This song is has a funky beat and buttery vocals from both singers. This song really details the back and forth between two people flirting or just getting to know each other.

Jarreau Vandal & Jae Stephens - Westside*

A soulful, funky and crisp track with some smooth vocals from Jae Stephens. If there’s one artist I am always captivated by, it is her.

Ariana Grande - R.E.M

Sweetener (the album) has been on loop since its release. This is one of my favorite tracks and I highly recommend listening to the album- a couple times.

Ariana Grande - everytime*

See above. This track also has a fun driving beat that I have literally played on repeat. Also peep her cute laugh at the end of the ad libs in the end.

Travis Scott - STARGAZING

As soon as I heard this song, I knew ASTROWORLD was gonna get me hooked. I love Travis Scott and the production of this song and the whole album is just unreal. It’s seamless.

Travis Scott & Frank Ocean - CAROUSEL*

Honestly, I don’t even know when one song ends and the other begins. The production is that good. This song is so addictive and I love Frank Ocean’s vocal contributions here. Listen to the whole album, it’s worth it.

Sabrina Claudio - Did We Lose Our Minds

Taking things to a more ethereal pace with Sabrina Claudio. Her new album is more breathy and vulnerable which makes it so beautiful. A reprieve from any aggression or frustration.

Tayla Parx & Khalid - Runaway

Another Khalid song, another bop. This song is so nice and veers on the side of pop which I’m happy with.

MUNA - In My Way

Here’s a fun song with poppy qualities. This song is definitely one for those who haven’t DTR (defined the relationship).

Morgan Saint - Just Friends

I love how upbeat and happy this song makes me. A track about unrequited love, friends with benefits and heartbreak never sounded so fun.

City Girl - Ji-Eun’s Sunset

Here’s a lo-fi tune to transition into that is also perfect for those late night study sessions. From here, we’ll dive into some international favorites.

Sik-K & GroovyRoom - Plus It

I absolutely fell in love with the H1GHER music label and Korean Hip-Hop/R&B. What started as a joke ended up being a rabbit hole as I haven’t been finding songs in English as addictive (I blame mumble rap).

Sik-K, PH-1, Jay Park - iffy*

This song features my three favorite artists on the label and is produced by GroovyRoom. In essence, this song has all the elements to make it amazing. Definitely check out all three artists separately, too.

Humble the Poet - H.A.I.R

I wanted to support my heritage and maybe introduce some of you to some more Indian-Canadian/Indian-American artists. I love the production of this song and the nods to being Punjabi. Plus the flow is pretty great.

Raaginder & surtaal - doors

Another artist of Indian descent but from America. Raaginder is predominantly a violinist and I absolutely love how he blends his craft with Hip-Hop & R&B beats. This song is so soothing and beautiful.

Ruby Velle - Go Get It*

Last but certainly not least is my girl, Ruby Velle. I’m not just saying this because we’re related (but it makes me even more proud, I admit). I absolutely love this song and listen to it daily. It’s honestly the anthem of the year. If you’re looking for motivation this is the song for you. This song makes me want to be a boss babe and get sh*t done or even just work harder during my workout. (P.S. the double time at the end is me writing my papers before the deadline)

I hope you all enjoyed this playlist! Let me know which songs you like the best as well as anything you’ve been listening to lately that you love!


Christine Celine