Moving Tips: Part 1

Before you know it, you look at your calendar and see that your lease is almost up. The question then becomes, should I stay or should I go? In my case, I decided to go because as much as I LOVE my current digs, I needed a change.

This is where my friend from college comes in. When I found out that she was coming to live here for the next few years, I suggested that we could live together and we haven't looked back. In a few short weeks, we'll begin to settle into our shared space and I cannot wait. But first I need to prep, pack and move all the things I collected over the year to storage and then the new place once again. Moving everything twice is definitely far from ideal but there happens to be a short gap between my leases and it is the only option I have at this point. As a result, I will detail my packing strategies and tips in the next few upcoming posts. Hopefully, some of these tips and tricks will assist you on your next move or when you go back to school. 


The Strategy


For my clothing, I decided to forego the typical wardrobe boxes or plastic bins as I will be needing to store them somewhere for 7 nights. I wanted my clothes to be stored in a clean and closed space to prevent anything from penetrating them. It was also due time that I bought my own travel bags so I opted for a large check-in bag and a small carry-on bag for future travels.

Originally I wanted the CalPak luggage but after seeing how heavy they were at TJ Maxx, I decided to opt for something lighter. Weight restrictions can really become an issue when traveling overseas and I didn't want any additional pounds for the suitcase itself if I had a choice. I ended up snagging some great lightweight pieces the same trip from Mia Toro and Vince Camuto. At first, it bothered me that they weren't a set but I realized the colors were all complimentary and the bags fit my specifications of being hardshell, expandable (in the case of the larger case) and having four wheels. 



I also decided this was a good time to clean out and declutter my closet. Why would I bring something along that I won't use? It takes up so much space. In this season of my life, I decided that I wanted to ensure that my clothes aren't worn out or pilled. I also promised myself that I wouldn't have multiple items in the same shade to save space and create room for new things in my life. I also needed to remove any items that no longer 1) bring me joy or 2) serve a purpose. At the end of the day, I know I gravitate to specific items and it is best to let go of some of those items that no longer match the current season in my life. I have to keep reminding myself it's good to let go because it gives opportunities for more abundance to enter your life. If your glass is overflowing with what does not serve you or bring you joy, there's no room to fill it with the things that inspire you, serve you and make you happy.

For the items that are in the maybe pile, I had to bring them along for sake of time and logistics. Rest assured, I will be sure to come back to these items and make more decisions when I am not as overwhelmed with the chaos of moving. For items of sentimental value or college (i.e those fraternity shirts, customized sports team apparel, 100 Rutgers shirts), I decided to keep the ones I loved the most and discard of the rest. That meant, one or two shirts from each organization as well as some of the items I wear regularly (hint* hint* I am having a heavy moment with my DIY cropped Rutgers Equestrian quarter zip for my workouts at the gym or lounging at home)



In order to conserve space, I folded my clothes meticulously and out of laziness, I did not use space bags or packing cubes. (These would have probably saved me some needed space.) I used the KonMari method of folding in thirds once again and I found this to be an effective way to pack as much as possible into my check-in and carry-on luggage. If you want to see how I pack, click here. I am pleasantly surprised that the majority of my closet aside from some coats, dresses, blazers and business casual pants fit in the bags. For theses aforementioned items, I decided to just wrap them in garment bags and clean, fresh trash bags once I ran out of the garment bags. Since this is a quick shift, I figured this would suffice. Since these items are not airtight and easily wrinkled, I will be keeping them with me over the week instead of in storage.

For shoes, I managed to pack them in a box with an appropriate label. My accessories went into their own separate boxes: one for purses and a shoebox that I store my belts in remains the same.  Aside from all this, I have some extra clothes in a small under-seat bag as well as an Adidas bag for an upcoming camping trip that will take place this weekend. 

I hope you enjoyed Part One of my Packing Tips series! I will definitely follow up with tons more relating to the kitchen as this was the most challenging room to pack. In addition, I will share my storage unit experience and what I did to keep my stuff stored over the 7 days. Please comment down any questions or anything you wish to see in the upcoming posts! Thanks for reading and be sure to follow along on Instagram


Christine Celine