San Francisco in 48 Hours: Day 2


Welcome to my guide on San Francisco in 48 hours. Day Two greeted us with a overcast sky that quickly cleared up to a sunny and warm afternoon. I was extremely thankful considering San Francisco is foggy pretty steadily in the winter season. By the time we arrived in the city from Oakland, the sky began to clear up around 10am. Our first stop was breakfast at none other than Mr. Holmes  Bakehouse. I had to make a stop at this Instagram-famous bakery and it was well worth the trip. I can't wait to go back again. After our decadent breakfast, we decided to revisit Land's End and the Sutro Baths with the hopes that these sights would be visible. Luckily they were, leading us to spend some time here before a late lunch on the Pacific Coast Highway heading towards Big Sur. These areas can be confusing to navigate, which is why I have provided detailed instructions and a map for easier navigation. There's also a quick vlog on YouTube to help visualize the area and get a better idea of where to go! Let's begin:

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse


It's a small place and mostly people come to get the baked goods to go. I loved the cruffin with thai tea flavored filling although I am sure the flavors rotate and can vary depending on season. The matcha croissant and their savory goods are also very tasty and do not disappoint. The sign was also broken but I am sure, it has been repaired by now.

Address: 1042 Larkin St, San Francisco, CA 94109


Cliff House & Sutro Baths


Pray for some sun and you will be graced with some stunning views of the coastline. Whether you sit down for some lunch with seaside views at the Cliff House or lace up your sneakers for a hike on one of the many trails, you will be greeted with some lovely blue hues of the pacific ocean. Catch the sunset here or even hike until you see the Golden Gate bridge. The Cliff House also houses a camera obscura, a device used to view a rare optic phenomena. Be sure to stop by the observation point and tunnel when down at the Sutro Baths for a fuller experience! I've provided a map below:


Address: Land's End Visitor Center - 1004 Point Lobos Ave, San Francisco, CA 94121


Land's End Labyrinth & Mile Rock Beach Trail


There is also a small labyrinth that has become popular over time. Although small, it makes for great photography. If you go early enough I am sure you can even experience the quiet while meditating in the labyrinth. Just get ready to lace up your sneakers, because it's a small hike. Here are some quick tips to get there:

Labyrinth Directions

Drive down El Camino Del Mar at the intersection with Point Lobos Avenue. There will be some stairs near a USS San Francisco Memorial that grants access to a trail. Walk down some rather steep steps and follow the Lands End Coastal trail to the right. After some time, you will come across the Mile Rock Beach Trail sign. Follow this trail down some more steep stairs. When there is a fork in the path and you begin to see the rocky beach, head right along the path going upwards. You will come towards the labyrinth. If you go down the steps on the left, you will end up at a Mile Rock Beach where you can stack rocks and explore the short shoreline. The is also another trail which is less steep that will lead you to the labyrinth first. Be mindful that it is narrow and requires climbing down a cliff. Eagle's Point is also a stop along the Coastal Train for some nice views of the Golden Gate Bridge.


Address: Lands End Trail, San Francisco, CA 94121

Parking lot: 37.7829, -122.5110


Golden Gate Bridge


I skipped this for sake of time but I have been here as a child. I think the best places to view the bridge are either Baker Beach, Vista Point or Presideo Park. Even if it's overcast, the Golden Gate Bridge has classic charm. I'll definitely make a stop when I have a longer stay. If you aren't heading to a second destination, I would stop here before you leave San Francisco.

Address: Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA


I hope you found these guides helpful. Comment down below if you have any questions or comments! Which trails do you like to hike when coming to California? I'd love to come back and explore the Muir Woods and Sausalito. They're so beautiful and worth their own day of exploring.  Stay tuned for some more content about Big Sur, San Diego, Tijuana and more!


Christine Celine