February Music Favorites 2018


Welcome to my February Music Favorites of 2018! Another month, another playlist! I definitely had a Valentine's mood this month but there is a song for every mood.  Here are my picks of the month! I've even starred my favorites below! Remember to follow the playlists on Spotify for quick access or YouTube if you prefer! Remember you can follow me on Spotify for new playlists every month!

February Vibes 2018

Sabrina Claudio & 6lack - Belong To You (Remix)**

This is one of my favorite songs of the year. I know the year only began but there's something about both the original and remix that make me so happy. It could possibly be the theme of self-love and confidence sprinkled throughout the verses. Sabrina sounds as though she is singing to a lover when in fact it is a song dedicated to herself. I even was inspired to talk about my thoughts on self-love in this Valentine's Day self love post.

Miguel - Anointed

Death and Resurrection. You... make me feel like I'm a god. Make me feel like I've been anointed. This is one of my favorite songs on Miguel's new album. From the bass to his sultry voice, every layer is so perfect. I could play it on repeat. I really played the heck out of this in February.

Sango & Xavier Omar - Sweet Holy Honey**

Oh man. From the first lyrics to the last. Every single line is so beautiful. This song is everything modern r&b shirks. I think Xavier always sings about respecting women and he really values them and its 100% reflected in this track. Also, I'm counting down the days until Sango's new album releases on March 16th. The tracklist is everything I could have asked for and more.

Salty - Down For You (Ft. Tyson)

All it takes is two. I really enjoy the slightly upbeat feel from this song. Also, it's really catchy and laid back. Another great song that is cohesive with my Valentine's day playlist.

Nakala - Paris (Ft. Jordo)*

I've been dropping major hints that I want to wake up in Paris/travel with Dave. So this had to be added to the playlist. I also really love the lyrics. It sounds like a really pure love. It is not just a physical love but an emotional and mental connection she croons about on this track.

Miguel & J. Cole - Come Through and Chill (Ft. Salaam Remi)

Another great track off of War & Leisure. I love when this comes on in the car. It gets me singing every single time. A February vibe indeed. Also, I can't wait to see Miguel and this is truly hyping me up for March.

Xavier Omar - Do Not Disturb

By now, you must know I adore Xavier Omar. This song made the list because of it's lyrics and the music itself. I think it's really important to put all distractions aside when you spend time with your loved one. Quality attention is so very important and this song is about realizing that.

Ivy Sole - My Way**

Shawty, swing my way. A more upbeat song for my playlist. I tend to stick to similar sounding songs and I've been trying to switch things up. I love the beats in this song. Ivy Sole's voice is so soothing too!

Ari Lennox & Cozz - Backseat*

I found Ari Lennox in December and I've been hooked since. I'm pretty sure DJ Grumble produces her music. I hear his style and it's very reminiscent of Jenn Im's intro music. However, I love the fact Ari Sings over the tracks because her voice is so sultry and pretty.

Jarreau Vadal & Olivia Nelson - Someone That You Love*

If you have been following me from the beginning of my YouTube channel earlier in 2017 than you should be familiar with this song. I used a remixed version in my June Vlog! I absolutely love this song and I can't get over how it was produced. It always puts me in a happy mood.

Xavier Omar - Stuck**

Back in December, Xavier said he made a couple songs his mama could dance to and this is one of them. I love the funky beats. It always makes me want to dance in the middle of my bedroom (alone or with my man). It's such a cute love song about commitment and being with someone through thick and thin.

SiR & Masego - Ooh Nah Nah

Time to slow it down again. This is a nice love song and Masego and SiR are two of my favorites and I am glad they collaborated on this. Also breakfast in bed is a priority.

Rendezvous At Two - Play with Me

On that note, this song is also very fitting for Valentine's day if you have a special someone.

Chris McClenney - What You Mean to Me

Everyone wants be be showered with love and attention and I feel like this track hits that on the mark. Hopefully your Valentine's day was lit.

Rini - Emerald**

This song is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. From the beginning to end, I am whisked away to a meadow with my loved one. I cherish this song and I love listening to it with my man. Especially when he sings it to me. It's so nice and I feel so safe.

Biosphere & CIKI - Strangers (Ft. Chris Wright & Love-Sadkid)*

I had a radio on and this came on. I was NOT expecting the chorus to be in Korean but it was a nice Easter egg. CIKI is actually really good and I enjoy the original on Soundcloud very much. But the raps are nice if you aren't in a romantic mood this year.

TOKiMONSTA & Yuna - Don't Call Me**

This is one of my favorite songs from Lune Rouge. Tokimonsta is such an inspiration and I absolutely love her. Also, I adore Yuna so this collaboration is right up my alley. I'm not even heartbroken but I have this song on loop. Not even sorry about it. I can sing it at the top of my lungs.

Burbank - Sorry, I Like You

I've been in a chill-hop and lo-fi kind of mood as of late. It might be all the studying sessions but songs like this really help me from getting distracted. It's something I can play in the background when I get tired of classical music.

aimless  & j'san- i've been missing you lately

Another song I listen to when I study. It also made an appearance in the first of my San Francisco Vlog series. You should check out both Part 1 & Part 2 along with the detailed blog posts for day 1 & day 2 !

Bwav - Capricorn

I honestly added this because Capricorn szn is officially over. I really like this song though. Maybe I should make a zodiac playlist with a song for each sign. So far I have capricorn, pisces and aquarius. Let me know if you have any good songs with a zodiac sign in the title!

Peachy! & mxmtoon - Fallin For U

I really love listening to this on Sunday mornings. It's very dreamy and relaxing.

Meltycanon & Terio - A Song About Love

I had to end February with a song about love, literally. This song is really pretty and I love their voices. The harmonies make me really happy.

I hope you all enjoyed this month's playlist! I can't wait to share March Vibes with you. Let me know what songs you've been listening to in February and which one from the list is your favorite! I would love to know! Until next time, be sure to follow me on Spotify. You can also access the 2018 Vibes playlist on YouTube.

Sending you all numerous hugs and many kisses,

Christine Celine