Winter Is Coming


& I'm in complete denial. Something about the recent drop in temperature hasn't quite settled with me. Perhaps it's because I love fall and the chillier weather means the autumn leaves are giving way to frostier days ahead. It could also be that my closet has recently seen an influx of warmer weather finds and I've seemingly neglected to stock up on the good old winter necessities. Either way, I'm going to pretend it's not getting cold out.

Then again, let's be honest. It is getting COLD. First and foremost, I agree that layering is a good thing. It's even better when those layers can be hidden. All of the warmth and none of the bulk can have it's perks. Just because it's getting cold, doesn't mean you necessarily have to say farewell to your short sleeve and sleeveless tops. I paired this white sleeveless top with a insanely soft and warm cardigan to keep myself warm on this particular visit to Princeton. To top it off and add an extra layer of protection from the brisk air, I added a classic black coat to the mix. It may not seem like much but the high percentage of wool in both the cardigan and jacket made a huge difference in the insulation versus a cotton or acrylic sweater. Now you may be skeptical but I swear by it. Wool is wonderful and you can find pieces that aren't reminiscent of the itchy sweaters of winters past. I've managed to find a lot of nice wooly sweaters that aren't scratchy from PacSun this season. Now, let's get cozy & I'll share some of my favorite spots in Princeton to warm up!

If you're fond of sushi and intimate spaces, Ajihei is the place you're looking for. During my last visit, I tucked into some shoyu ramen and spicy yellow tail rolls. The ramen was filling and comforting on a cold night. I enjoyed the simple seasoned pork don that my boyfriend ordered alongside his miso ramen. Honestly, my only regret is not ordering more sushi. It melted in our mouths and was enjoyed far too quickly. The quality surpasses the staple college kid sushi buffet we have grown accustomed to. Be forewarned that service can be hit or miss and the place is small so seating is limited. Otherwise, I was a satisfied customer and look forward to coming back for more sashimi in the future.

If sushi isn't your thing; then I'd recommend Triumph Brewing Company. I've come here countless times and have never been disappointed by their selection of beer on tap or food. They have a great range of seasonal favorites on their menu as well as a rotating list of beers brewed on the premises. It's always a pleasant surprise and one of the few places I'll consider a stout beer over my usual witbier and lagers. As for the food, I've been delighted by their rotation of appetizers and entrees throughout the year. A few things at Triumph always remains constant: the quality of food and my ever satisfied belly post-meal.

Now let's say that shopping has left you a bit drained and cold; the Bent Spoon is a sweet-tooth's dream. They have some of the richest hot chocolate I've tasted in New Jersey. With housemade "marshies" and whipped cream, this decadent treat always hits the spot. I always opt for the habanero hot cocoa and I promise it's not as strange or spicy as it sounds. I love the juxtaposition between the semi-sweet chocolate and heat from the habanero. If the cold hasn't gotten to you yet or you're actually Joe Biden, then I'd recommend their artisanal ice cream. It's what they're known for after all. I love their seasonal flavors and it's an added perk that everything they offer is organic and farm-fresh. Make sure you bring cash as it's cash-only but I promise you it's worth the trip to the ATM.


These are just a few of the ways I like to find refuge from the cold when out and about in Princeton. What do you do to shelter from the cold in your city or when traveling? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time loves,

Christine Celine