August 2018 Spotify Playlist


It's August and I hope your summer continues with more sunshine and less rainstorms. I've been looking for some new genres and artists to explore so please send suggestions my way! If you enjoy these playlists be sure to support your girl by following her on Spotify and/or following the playlist. You can also see a quick summary here on YouTube! For now, let's jump into my August 2018 Spotify Playlist. 

August 2018 Spotify Playlist

Julia Michaels - Jump (ft. Trippie Redd)* 

I love throwing this song on during my workouts, runs or just plain lounging. I love Julia Michaels voice and how it contrasts with Trippie Redd. This song has really been playing nonstop for me this month and I thank Whitney Simmons for the lead. 

PnB ROCK - TTM (Ft. Wiz Khalifa & NGHTMRE)

Continuing on, I feel this song shares some similar musical elements but drifts into the R&B genre more. I think this song is super upbeat and really like how the producers drive the song along with some cheery chords and deeper bass drops. 

Childish Gambino - Summertime Magic*

I absolutely love Donald Glover and this song is so appropriate for August. I really enjoy the lighter approach he took on this release after "This is America." I feel like this song succinctly depicts a magical summertime love. 

11:11 - Wild Ting*

I love 11:11 and truly feel that this song is a great followup to "Summertime Magic." I think this song has some subtle reggae influences throughout that I adore.   

July 7 - Delirious* 

This is a song that just gets me in the mood to move my body. July 7 always makes the most hypnotizing beats and "Delirious" doesn't miss any marks. I love the way this song winds and grooves along. 

YannaMaria - When We Dance 

This song shares some elements from the previous picks and I love the girl's voice. This song always makes me want to dance and twirl around. Everything feels better when you dance and I love how the lyrics touch on this.

Jordan Dennis & Blasko - Crumbs*

If you didn't know, Jordan Dennis is responsible for the production of Chance The Rapper's "No Problems." I definitely see his influence in that song after listening to "Crumbs." I really love how upbeat and energetic this song is. 

CS LIT & Joey Vantes - League 

The bass is what drew me to this song. Listen with some headphones or in your car and you'll understand. I also like the bounce of this song. The vibe from these two is unique and flows so effortlessly. 

Loski - I Been 

This new artist caught my attention as well. There's not much info about him but he has two songs released on Spotify which I really like. He also goes by Lo SayAloha Ski.

Shiloh Dynasty, LofiCentral, Stay Might - Waiting

I absolutely love Lo-Fi and Chill-Hop. I've been following Shiloh Dynasty for a while and this song just stood out to me recently. I really love playing this song when I am relaxing or unwinding. 

Iris Temple & Xavier Omär - Tear U Down* 

Iris Temple opened for Xavier Omär and it looks like they're really good friends. I think that this song is so beautiful and I love how each of the guys croon over such groovy melodies. It's really nice to hear men sing about supporting their loves in such a loving and respectful manner. 

Masego - Lady Lady* 

I love Masego and this song is another great addition to his collection. It is smooth and sexy. I think that the saxophone compliments the melodies and Masego's voice. He really is talented and I am looking forward to more new releases from him. 

Jaylon Ashaun - I Got You

The production reminds me vaguely of Cashmere Cat. I really enjoy how this song builds into the bridge and chorus. I think he's going to be another one of my favorites after listening to his other tracks. I love his voice and how soulful it is. 

Sylo Nozra - try again 

I fell in love with Sylo Nozra a couple of seasons ago and noticed he's been releasing some new music. This song reminds me of some older classic R&B songs which I love. I encourage you to give him a listen because his voice is so smooth, buttery and soothing. 

Brasstracks - In My Feelings* 

Kiki, are you riding? If you're tired of that song, then give this rendition a listen. I love Brasstracks' musicality and how they really transformed this song into such a jazzy and playful arrangement. I promise it's worth another listen. 

Jaylon Ashaun & 1K Phew - Vacation 

I could use a vacation and would love to take one to the Bay or a beach. This song reminds me to relax and that's exactly what I need in the midst of all the papers and deadlines I currently have. (When they said 18 month program, they weren't kidding.)  

RL Grime - Light Me Up (Ft. Miguel & Julia Michaels)*

I absolutely love this song and encourage you to listen to the album, Nova. RL Grime does such a great job producing songs with some great collaborators. This is his second time teaming up with Miguel and I am so glad he did. To make it even sweeter, Julia Michaels drifts into the mix with her gentle and airy voice. Perfect for summer and definitely should be enjoyed by the sea.

RL Grime - Take It Away (Ft. Ty Dolla $ign & TK Kravitz)

A RL Grime song after another. Yes. I really love Nova and have been playing it since it released. I think this song has the best elements from Trap and Hip-Hop. A great song to throw on during a workout or run. Even better is "Undo" which was featured in my July Music Favorites 2018 playlist.

88 Rising - Red Rubies (Ft. Rich Brian, Yung Bans, Yung Pinch, Higher Brothers & Don Krez)*

This song has such a similar beat to the previous one from RL Grime but darker. This song explores some darker themes of summer and the lackadaisical pairing between Yung Bans and Rich Brian's deep voice is great. I also love Rich Brian and his verse in this is so fun to listen to. 88 Rising's new album has so many good picks so get ready for some more suggestions to come. 

Young Jay - I Get It*

Welcome to the Korean section of this playlist. Lately I've been really into some of the korean hip-hop genre. It's really similar to the Soulection genre I love but in a different language. This song caught my attention and I just got into a binge. If you enjoy songs like this then definitely checkout my "Uh Huh Hyunny" playlist. (In case you're wondering what a hyunny is... it happens to be an inside joke with my mans, Dave.)

Young Jay - Your Birthday (ft. X.Q)*

Similarly, I really enjoyed this song. It reminds me of PARTYNEXTDOOR and Aftertheparty a lot. If you like those artists, then this song will definitely appeal to you. Young Jay has such a smooth voice and I really like his album, The Boy. 

NUNSSEOP - 이기적인 시간이 난 필요해*

I asked Dave what this song means and it roughly translates to "I need me time" to do selfish things. I guess you can say this song is all about treating yourself and indulging in things you like after a period of being selfless. Again, I love the pace and drive in this song. It is very chill. 

Junoflo & Jay Park - Grapevine 

I came across this song and really loved Jay Park's chorus. I think it's such a silky and smooth verse and I can't get enough of it. Paired with Junoflo's flow it makes for a really cute song. 

SiR - D'Evils* 

I always have this song stuck in my head and I am not mad about it. I love the bridge and chorus. I think SiR's voice is so soothing and I really enjoy the harmonies created in this song. It's so magical live, too. 

Brent Faiyaz - No One Knows

A nice summery song that builds up when you least expect it. I skipped over this initially because of the intro but I promise it's worth a listen. Just skip to around 0:40 and you're in for a musical journey.  

Maggie Rogers - Give A Little* 

Maggie Rogers mixed the best elements of Folk and R&B. I think this song is so cute and summery. It reminds me of HAIM and is such an easy listen. Definitely lighter than the past few suggestions!

Jarreau Vandal & Luna Mae - Scintilla 

Luna Mae drifts through this psychedelic, summery track with Jarreau Vandal. I love the brass instrumentals in it paired with the harmonies and Luna Mae's confident vocals. It really builds into something vibrant.

Mac Ayres - Easy 

I kind of slept on Mac Ayres for the longest time. I casually previewed his work but never got into it. All of a sudden, it hit me. I really enjoy his music and it vaguely reminds me of Jeff Bernat. Mac's music is easy to fall in love with since it focuses his vocals and acoustic arrangements. 

88 Rising - History (Ft. Rich Brian)* 

This song reminds me of Zelda or some video games which adds to the nostalgia factor. The sample actually comes from Ski Safari, a mobile game. I love the lyrics and the sample so much. I feel like this is the essence of Rich Brian and 88Rising as a label. 

Sylo Nozra - omw*

This is a song that has captured my heart. I really love Sylo Nozra's voice on this. I think the beats are playful and tropical. It's a cute love song that I can't get enough of. 

Leven Kali - Yours 

Taking it back a notch is "Yours." This song reminds me of artists like the Internet and Xavier Omär. I think that this love song is soulful and simple which make it perfect for those chill evenings. 

Mac Ayres & Chris Anderson - Show Me

Let these two show you their flow through a fantastic song. It's effortless and drifts listeners into a sense of calm. The tunes are laidback and nostalgic. 

itssvd & Shiloh Dynasty - Love Again

Another lo-fi song for my late night study sessions. It's perfect in the background and easy to listen to without being too much of a distraction. 

Shiloh Dynasty & Blai$y - World Without You 

I love the original lo-fi song from Shiloh Dynasty but came across this version with Blai$y. This version definitely picks up the pace and makes the song a little more upbeat. I really like the verses added over the original lyrics about imagination. 

TTYuS - Room 655 (Freestyle)*

I might be biased but anything with a sample of "Belong To You" by Sabrina Claudio is great. Since "Belong To You" is my favorite song of the year, this had to make an appearance. Aside from the sample, I like that this song has a darker element to it and the freestyle is pretty chill. 

I hope you enjoyed my August Music Favorites 2018 playlist. Let me know what songs you've been listening to below and which ones from above you liked the most!


Christine Celine