July 2019 Spotify Playlist


It’s been quiet lately because this summer has been the most insane season yet. I spent a lot of time with friends and working on myself so thank you once again for your patience. I hope that your July Fourth was enjoyable with loved ones and that the second half of 2019 is fruitful. Now that I recovered from the stress, I am so determined to achieve certain goals and I can’t wait to put in the work and dedication the next couple of months. Some playlists that I have been enjoying include smash bros and thotful & blessed. Aside from that, here are my favorites from July 2019! Be sure to follow my profile on Spotify so you don’t miss a single playlist!

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July 2019 Spotify Playlist

Tyler, the Creator - EARFQUAKE*

Probably one of my favorite songs of 2019. Also, I laughed so hard because on Twitter someone said the amount of earthquakes increased after this release and they may be onto something. If you like BROCKHAMPTON and EARTHGANG, then this song is for you.

EARTHGANG & Young Thug - Proud of U*

Another favorite of the year because I just gotta keep telling myself this. Resilience doesn’t come easy for me and I am proud of myself for still getting through all these obstacles nonstop. I’m waiting for a break but until then, proud of u.

Lo Village & Dirty Shafi - Lil Mama*

As soon as this song began, I knew it would be great! I love the Shafi verse and chorus so much! It has a nostalgic quality to the production that I really adore.

Cautious Clay - HONEST ENOUGH*

If you’re reading this, I’m being honest enough but not fully. Maybe it’s time I open up but until then we can skate by all the details.

Daniel Caesar & Brandy - LOVE AGAIN*

“Even on your worst day, love you in the worst way.“ I absolutely love this song. It depicts a couple that seems to be cycling on and off only to try things over again.

CHE - wya*

This song is so smooth and I absolutely love Che’s sultry voice on this one. The production nods towards dancehall but stays mellow. Kick back and enjoy!

Yeek & Jesse - fatigued*

A song that I relate to so hard. I’m tired and I need a real one, thanks. I love Yeek and Jesse and I was so happy to see them collab. This is a slow jam where they admit they just want this one person to hold the down and I feel the same.

Hope Tala - Lovestained*

I love Hope Tala’s voice and the latin-inspired alternative instrumentation. A song that will certainly brighten your day.

Chris LaRocca - Yardsale

“You took me by surprise.” This song is beautiful and a classic indie R&B song. Fans of Cautious Clay and Sylo Nozra will truly enjoy this track.

Daniel Caesar & Pharrell Williams - FRONTAL LOBE MUZIK*

The neuroscience geek in me loves the frontal lobe reference. This song also has a great syncopated bass that I love. When it comes in, I am so happy.

svrite - thing 2

I absolutely love svrite’s production and this song from his recent album really caught my attention. This track is hazy and powerful; whilst remaining mellow.

Jeremy Zucker - ‘bout it (ft. Daniel James & Benjamin O

I just want to know are you ‘bout it or not?

Jordan - Okok (Hibachi)*

This bounces lazily through some mellow verses. It is a track that borderlines cheeky and flirty.

Tiffany Day - I Want My Money Back!*

This song is the ultimate track to sing along to when you’re done with the person who has wasted your time. If only we could get our money back. Tiffany Day is super talented, hailing from YouTube and I can’t wait to see what she has lined up next.

gianni & kyle - maliboo*

This is a summer bop that I always dance along to! Perfect for July! “Blow a bag on a good gir!”

GoldLink - Maniac*

This song has the best tempo and GoldLink’s verses flow with attitude. I really think you will enjoy this song. It’s a mid-tempo hype song for sure.


Another song that oozes style and flows effortlessly. I just want to throw this on whenever I am cruising around in my car.

Ryan Trey & Bryson Tiller - Nowhere to Run

This track is reminiscent of dance hall music but in a muted fashion.

451 & frvrfriday - buzz me

The dance hall inspired beats on this track make it perfect for the summer season. Frvrfriday is one of my favorite upcoming artists and I highly recommend giving his other projects a listen.

Chris Brown - No Guidance (ft. Drake)*

To all the feminists that follow me (I’m sorry but also not). I really liked Indigo and this song as well as Heat are fire. I don’t want to get into it but personally, I keep art and personal lives separate. If a song is good, a song is good.

Chris Brown - Heat (ft. Gunna)*

This song is even better than No Guidance. It might be my favorite off of Indigo to date. Another good one is Early 2k if you are interested!

GoldLink - Days Like This (ft. Khalid)

This was a much needed collaboration between some of my favorite artists. I highly recommend giving them a listen. This song really encapsulates that feeling of melancholy and introversion that one may feel.

Clairo - Bags

Clairo is one of my favorite artists and this song is one of her more recent singles. This song captures the feelings of just letting things fall where they may.

Deb Never - In The Night

Deb Never crafted a hazy ode to all things that end after the dust settles.

SahBabii - Sunny Days (ft. T3)

This month, I will end the playlist on a sunny note with this track. An ode to sunny days and summer flings.

I hope you enjoyed this July Spotify Playlist. Check out the August Spotify Playlist as well!


Christine Celine