Smile Brilliantly with Smile Brilliant's At-Home Teeth Whitening

A girl with ambition and drive still needs to take time for self-care. With so many projects, deadlines and moving 3 times in one semester, I certainly cut corners when I feel swamped. However, I wanted to be sure that I was putting my best face forward and this includes my smile. I wanted to look into ways to brighten and whiten my smile after a love-hate relationship with whitening strips.

That is where Smile Brilliant comes in.

Smile Brilliant is an at-home teeth whitening system that has been created by dental professionals. The system is easy to use and works effectively so that your smile becomes brighter and whiter after a few uses. It’s much more cost-effective than running to your dentist and can be done at your own time at home.

Smile Brilliant’s teeth whitening process begins with creating the molds of your upper and lower teeth. From here you send them out to the lab using their pre-paid shipping label. Within a week, you receive your custom made trays and you’re ready to start whitening. Personally, I always pop in my trays with the whitening gel in the evenings after dinner. I typically have a ton of time in the evening and usually read, write or edit videos with these babies in.


I noticed results within the first week and was impressed with how simple the process was. At first, I began with an hour before slowly increasing the time to three hours once I ensured my teeth were not showing signs of sensitivity. Once I whiten, I follow up with the desensitizing gel to protect my teeth and prevent staining.


Overall, I really enjoyed using this product and I found it much more effective than the typical whitening strips that I buy at my local pharmacy. I am much more confident and smile a ton after using this at-home teeth whitening system. After this experience, I really learned to say yes to self-care and take the time to do little things for myself. After all, we all deserve a little treat every now and then. Now, I can walk into any board room, meeting or even a photoshoot with confidence and a brilliant smile.


Christine Celine

FTC: Smile Brilliant gifted me this product in exchange for a candid and honest review.