Simple Things



Warm Coffee. Homemade Cupcakes. Loving hands. Family & Friends.
I braved the cold last week to embark on a project I've yet to finish. I'm invigorated and excited to share it once completed but I can't have accomplished as much without the love and support of my Dave. He really made me realize it is the simplicity of love that is most beautiful. The unfiltered glances across the table or the warmth of a hug when things get too hard are some of the little things I cherish.
With that being said make sure not to take the ones you love for granted. Sometimes it's hard to even fathom the events of last week. The personalized cards and encouragement of a grandfather across the country are simple actions that spoke volumes. Although I am unable to attend his funeral, I cherish the simple things he has done for me again and again. He was a thoroughly awesome person and I wish I took the opportunity to spend more time with him.
It's crazy how events can happen so suddenly. I'd like to use this as a reminder to really appreciate your family and friends, especially your grandparents. If you're lucky enough to still have them around, make sure you take advantage of their time in this world. Share moments with all of them and love them endlessly.
With lots of love and in loving memory of A.C.
- Christine Celine