September 2019 Spotify Playlist


I can’t believe that September flew by as quick as it did! It was literally gone in the blink of an eye. Through a lot of travel and self-reflection, this playlist was born. This September 2019 Spotify playlist truly captures this as well as the farewell to summer days. I tried to balance it with a mix of R&B, Rap and Indie as usual of course. I would love song suggestions so please comment below or DM me on Instagram so that I can feature you in my next playlist. Also, if you enjoy playlists such as this, follow your girl on Spotify here!

September 2019 Spotify Playlist

Playboi Carti & Bryson Tiller - Fell in Luv*

Starting off the playlist with this throwback. I absolutely love this collab and the production reminds me of an A$AP Rocky song but this flows so much easier.


I have been playingthis song frequently and often. It starts off lazily with a piano riff before it builds into a mid-tempo track with a needed dose of bass. I absolutely love the lyrics as well.


This song caught my ears instantaneously. I fell in love with the first half and how smooth it flows from verse to verse. Then suddenly there’s a change in tempo that seriously made me more excited about this track. Listen through for that shift because it really comes at the perfect moment.

Majid Jordan & Khalid - Caught Up

This collaboration is a match made in heaven. The song is composed well and their voices blend harmoniously. Absolutely love the lyrics and the overall vibe from this track.

Father - a lot on ur plate*

Same. This song is midtempo but the verses drive the song along overall making it feel quick paced. Coupled with the briefness of the track overall, this is a wild ride similar to how it feels when you have a lot on your plate.


This song has some interesting lyrics that caught my attention. I really love orange soda and this song has nothing to do with it. However, it flows well and I love the sit on my face verse.

Weston Estate - Cotton Candy

Changing genres here with Cotton Candy. I feel like this is a wonderful hybrid of indie, pop and R&B. If you enjoy Choker or Yeek, then you will definitely love this song. It’s such a beautiful song that has a hazy quality similar to spinning Cotton Candy.

Daniela Andrade - Wet Dreams*

This track is absolutely breathtaking. I just want to sing along and melt into the vocals and sound. It feels like an intoxicating dream that borders an eerie haunting.

DJ Khalid, Lil Wayne & Gunna - Freak N You*

The track starts off with that old school 90’s hip-hop sample that I absolutely love. With the onset of mumble rappers and Soundcloud, I miss this kind of sound. It’s nostalgic and quick paced. It’s so fun to dance along to or get a workout in with.

Golden Vessel - BIGBRIGHT (ft. Elkke, E^ST & Duckwrth)

This song has so many great artists featured and it feels like a story with the juxtaposition of each artist’s vocals and style. It’s such a fun journey from beginning to end.

Kyle Lux - Rollin’ Stone*

Another track that instantly had me captivated. It’s so beautiful. I love the way every chord just melts into Kyle Lux’s voice.


This song has a vaudeville quality to it that sets it apart. I really like this song and the use of brass instruments. It reminds me of some older Big Sean tracks.

Stwo & The-Dream - Enough

This song is slow and sultry with the quintessential beats that are signature to Stwo. This song is intoxicating and dreamy.

No Vacation - Dræm Girl*

Time to pick up the tempo and switch to more surf rock, indie and bedroom pop artists! This song is like the end off summer, fast and sweet. It’s magical and lingers before the waves of autumn permeate the air. Sonically, this song encapsulates this. Similarly, it’s as if someone you’re enamored by slowly fades into nothing and you come back to reality. Comment down below if you hear it.

Yeek & Dominic Fike - I’m Trying*

This is a wonderful collaboration between two of my favorite indie R&B artists. This song just feels like the beginning of fall to me.

tobi lou - My Party (ft. Tony Bigz)*

This song reminds me of Nav if he was a little more mellow. It’s so good! I love tobi lou and this track is a fun play on “it’s my party, I can cry if I want to.

Ryan Leahan - My Little

This song makes me want to skateboard down the coast of some west coast town like Venice Beach.

Monsune - OUTTA MY MIND*

This song has such a dreamy, retro feel that reminds me of Jungle. I absolutely love dancing around my room to this song.

Turnover - Super Natural

This indie track is a farewell to summer days both sonically and lyrically (the last weekend before the fall). I think the lyrics are so heartfelt and the guitar rifts are magical.

Peach Tree Rascals - Mariposa

This song is dainty and upbeat. Fans of Rex County Orange will truly enjoy this one.

Washed Out - Feel It All Around

This song is synth infused and drifts along casually. A perfect end to this playlist as we greet cooler days ahead.

I hope you enjoyed this playlist! If you did, please share it with your friends. I am so excited for spooky season so be on the lookout for a ton of new content from yours truly.


Christine Celine