October 2018 Spotify Playlist


Another month down and another playlist to greet you on a crisp fall day. That is unless you’re also experiencing some humid and warm rainy days in your town. I think October is more of a reprieve from the chaos that ensued in September. I feel this month’s playlist definitely reflects that and I hope that you can kick back and relax to this month’s playlist too. Remember to follow your girl on Spotify and get access to the October 2018 Music Favorites playlist here. Let’s begin!

October 2018 Spotify Playlist

Khalid - Better*

A catchy new single from Khalid. He can not do wrong with all the singles, features and tracks he’s been putting out. This song is great and I highly recommend it.

6LACK & Khalid - Seasons

A song about seasons changing as the seasons change. I would love for summer to come back as it really is calling. This song is another favorite with my favorite boys collaborating again.

Ella Mai - Trip*

This song is so catchy and addictive. I love Ella Mai and she has such a crisp voice. Another song you shouldn’t sleep on.

Yo Trane - Alone*

This is a good song to throw on after a long day. Yo Trane is a French R&B artist with a sultry nocturnal sound.

ELEON & Kubla Kahn - If It Ain’t Me (Remix)*

This song has some great falsetto vocals intertwined with inviting guitar riffs and drum beats. It’s an instant hit.

September Savior & Scarlet Santiago - October

Can this really be an October playlist without a song also named october? This song is gentle with some smooth vocals and a soothing rap verse. Perfect for this season.

Pink Sweat$ - Honesty*

Another gentle song with honey-like vocals and falsettos that float over some simple guitar plucks.

Alina Baraz - Feels Right*

This is a newly released sexy track with airy vocals from Alina Baraz. The song is effortless and made for easy listening. She sounds magical live and this song is no exception.

Arin Ray & DRAM - Communication

An R&B song about communication sung over a captivating beat.

MANILA GREY - Timezones

I love MANILA GREY and this song is super smooth electronic R&B for easy listening. Also a nod, to having some of my best friends all in different timezones this month.

6LACK & J. Cole - Pretty Little Fears

I’ve been enjoying the new 6LACK album, East Atlanta Love Letter. This song flits about with some quick vocals from 6LACK before J. Cole’s silky verse.

Kyle Dion - Cool Side Of The Pillow

This is a more classic R&B song with soulful vocals and harmonies.

mindbody&beats - coool (ft. chief., Matt Burton & Zac Jone$)

This is a cool, calm and collected electronic song with some laid-back rap verses.

Nelson Clark & Stupid Genius - Faded

This song is reminiscent of dvsn & The Weeknd before he went mainstream. This is a catchy R&B/Hip-Hop song with a darker edge.

Jarreau Vandal & TALA - What You Saying?*

A fun and danceable electric song from Jarreau Vandal. It’s an upbeat hit from his upcoming album. Be on the lookout because so far all the singles have been phenomenal.

Alt-J - Adeline (ft. Hex, Paigey Cakey & ADP) (Remix)

I was surprised with the Alt-J Reduxer remixes that recently released. This was a darker, melancholic track that blends Alt-J with rap. It’s reminiscent of Post Malone. I love it.

Jaden Smith & Christian Rich - GHOST

It’s Halloween season and GHOST played with that idea. Plus, this song is also good and almost a little too short. It ends just when it gets good but maybe that is a good thing.

Beshken - Nina

This song is indie and a departure from the above suggestions. It’s definitely aligned with my fall mood and taste. I also love the brass instruments in the chorus.

Cautious Clay - Call Me*

This was one of my favorite songs at Cautious Clay’s performance last month. It’s honestly even better live with the addition of a saxophone. It is a song that instantly puts a smile on my face.

Anfa Rose - Come Clean

Another melancholic song that ruminates over some oozing loose beats.

atm - Rush

This song is a perfect blend of lo-fi and rap. It progresses seamlessly with a driving guitar riff and high hat drums.

Sage Baptiste - Stay with U

This song is a pleasant mix of indie, electronic and R&B. It has a great chorus that builds gradually.

MRVLZ - Need Somebody

This is a fun electronic song that breathes some summery vibes into the fall season.

ARTY - Last Kiss

This is a calming electronic song that ebbs and flows. A perfect track for a late night study session.

Jordan Rakei - Eye To Eye (Edit)

A soulful, jazzy song with some acoustic flair. If you like Tom Misch, this song is for you.

DRAMA - Low Tide

A R&B/Dance track that gradually builds into a moderately laid-back journey.

L8LOOMER & Anne Dereaux - Good for That

Pronounced late bloomer. This Hip-Hop song blends some electronic beats into the chorus and has an airy, hazy quality that I adore.

Mura Masa & Nao - Complicated

Mura Masa always produces upbeat and catchy electronic tracks and collaborates with talented artists that elevate the sound. Nao sings effortlessly over this groovy beat.

Joji & Clams Casino - CAN’T GET OVER YOU

Joji just released a small EP and I recommend giving it a listen. He hails from the 88Rising collective that also works with Rich Brian. Joji has a soothing and airy voice with some nostalgic production.


I can’t get enough of MANILA GREY as you can see. This song is another great R&B song with some great production. One of my favorite finds this month.

H.E.R. & Bryson Tiller - Could’ve Been

This is a slow track that oozes along. H.E.R. is captivating and Bryson Tiller echoes her silky voice throughout before his own verse.

Miguel - Python

A funky song that grooves along with some twangy guitar riffs and vocals from Miguel.

Jay Prince & Mahalia - With U*

A quick-paced verse that flows seamlessly into a chorus. It’s mostly spoken “rap” but it’s catchy.

RIMON - Nighttime

I also come alive in the nighttime. RIMON’s vocals are airy and mystical with layers that float along a calming track.


This song is another calm and soothing one for October. It just floats into another dimension through Joji’s vocals and the electronic pitch shifts.

pH-1 - Game Night*

Love this song because it references some of my favorite video games. It’s a soulful and playful track from pH-1.

GroovyRoom - Sunday (ft. HEIZE & Jay Park)

This is a groovy song with a velvety, upbeat chorus and verses.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s playlist. Let me know what you’ve been listening to this month below and I could feature it in next month’s playlist!


Christine Celine