November 2018 Spotify Playlist


Can you believe it is already November? I swear 2018 is flying by so fast. With the change of season both externally and internally, this month’s playlist definitely reflects some more indie and alternative inspirations. I feel like November is a period of growth, transition and reflection.  With Thanksgiving approaching, I have become more pensive and have really been noting WHY I am grateful for things. In addition, this months focus once again will be self love because I can slowly feel myself spreading a little too thin. I decided that in spite of this feeling, I am my top priority and my health and wellness will always take priority no matter how crazy things get. Without further ado, here is the November Music Favorites 2018 Playlist curated by yours truly. Please feel free to follow me on Spotify for more updates. You can also follow the playlist here for easy access and listening!

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November 2018 Music Favorites

Ariana Grande - thank u, next*

I love a song about self-love and this song is it. If there was a classy way to spill the tea on your exes, this is how. I absolutely love Ariana and I love how she's taking all these recent events in stride. Also, the beat is catchy and the lyrics are applicable in SO many situations.

Etta Bond - Surface (ft. A2)*

Etta Bond’s voice and the production of this song is splendid. I think that the lyrics really reflect how I feel about Instagram and human connection. I feel like social media only shows one sliver of real life and I have been looking for deeper and more meaningful connections as of late. I want to know what people love and hate. What makes them light up from within and their purpose.

atm - Love/Lust

atm has the best beats and smoothest style. His bass within the tracks is always insane. Seriously, listen to this song and “Rush” with some high quality speakers. I am really looking forward to more releases from him.

Sinead Harnett & JD. Reid - System*

I absolutely Sinead Harnett if you haven’t clued in yet. Her sultry vocals really stand out on this track. She really has a mesmerizing voice. Her snippet a cappella of this song was so good on her Instagram, too.

Pink Sweat$ - Call Me*

Another smooth song from Pink Sweat$. Listen to his latest album release Volume 1. It’s so good from beginning to end. I love the minimal production on each song because it really highlights his voice. The acoustic accompaniments are stripped down and intimate.

NIKI - Vintage

NIKI has such a cute voice and this song is reminiscent of something from the 90’s early 2000’s. This is probably deliberate as she is singing about a nostalgic rekindling with an old flame. You’ll love this if you love old school beats.

Dre’es - Warm (ft. Mia)*

This song is dreamy and smooth as ever. I absolutely love the mix of vocals and how the guitar strums drift lazily throughout this track. Mia’s voice is so pleasant that you’ll want to sing along.

Omar Apollo - Unbothered*

Another stripped back song that focuses on silky smooth vocals and harmonies. This is a soothing song you can throw on during your lazy Sunday mornings.

PREP - Who’s Got You Singing Again*

This is a fun, upbeat song that has a nice glittery, retro 80s undercurrent. This song will makes you want to dance and can even put you in a great mood time and time again.

Banes World - You Say I’m in Love

This is a nice laid back indie song with gentle riffs and vocals. I really enjoy the tempo and the pretty guitar picking in the instrumental break.

Real Estate - Darling

I haven’t listened to Real Estate in quite a while and was feeling nostalgic this month. This is a more recent release from them that I am rediscovering this month. I absolutely love the hazy instrumentals and vocals. This is surf rock and lo-fi merged together at its best.

Moods - Love is Real

This is a chill lo-fi indie track that I adore. I love to throw this on in the background as I do my classwork or even clean the apartment.

Ye Ali - What to Do (ft. K. Camp)

Switching genres for a moment, we have this R&B number that you will love if you enjoy Bryson Tiller.

Chef Baer - Smoking Ash (ft. Megan Gage)

This song is danceable and groovy. The vocals from Megan Gage are smooth and drive the song forward.

Post Malone & Swae Lee - Sunflower*

This song is so soothing and cute. I love the pairing of Post Malone and Swae Lee. This song is catchy and will be playing everywhere this month.

Kris Wu - November Rain

It’s November and this song is aptly titled. I really enjoy Kris Wu and his recent releases. I think you will enjoy this if you like 88rising, Joji and Rich Brian.

Tory Lanez & Shlohmo - Acting Like

This song has a similar sound to the Weeknd back when he was in his Kiss Land Era. I really enjoy the dark and moody beats. This song is from 2015 but is still relevant in 2018.

KyngTyler - Ride for Me

This song is also similar to Bryson Tiller’s style. I think you will enjoy the pace and the production of this track. I really enjoy KyngTyler’s vocals and flow.

SRNO - Try

This is a dark and ethereal remix of Dej Loaf’s song “Try Me.” It’s so addictive and I have it on loop.

Tora & Keelan Mak - Wouldn’t Be the Same

Moving to more electronic influences, this song is brooding and down-tempo with falsetto harmonies.

WeAreYou - Shhhlide*

Picking things up again, this R&B song is more playful and upbeat. “Shhhlide” has a danceable beat that reminds me of summer.

Anfa Rose - Substance

This song is R&B with a trap inspired production. This song is a darker take on a no strings attached hook up with some underlying emotions, I think.

KamiKwazi - Low High

I love the production of this track. It has some dancehall inspired beats that drive the song through some more contemporary R&B production.

Nicky Jam & Steve Aoki - Jaleo

This song is fast-paced and extremely catchy. With lyrics in Spanish, this song has some great latin EDM influence in its production thanks to Steve Aoki.

DJDS - Why Don’t You Come On (ft. Khalid & Empress Of)

This is a catchy electronic pop song with some silk vocals from Khalid and Empress Of. I love the lyrics and chorus.

BAYNK & Shallou - Come Home

This is another great electronic pop song that builds into a catchy chorus. I think you will enjoy this track if you enjoy SG Lewis & Moods.

Whereisalex & ROLE MODEL - Alone

This song has some melancholy lyrics juxtaposed with an upbeat tempo. I enjoy this electronic indie track so much. Sometimes you just need to be alone and this captures that perfectly.

frumhere & Shannon Saunders - she only likes me when i’m drunk

This song transitions so well from the previous track. This lo-fi song is moody and hazy with vocals that reflect the title.

pH-1 - Communicate (ft. Hoody)*

I absolutely love this song and pH-1 & Hoody’s vocals. This song is a perfect R&B track in Korean of course.

Chon - Can’t Wait

This is a math-rock song with intricate melodies and tempos. I feel like this song is perfect for fall and super enjoyable. The melodies are quite beautiful.

I hope you enjoyed my November Music Favorite 2018 Playlist. Please let me know what you’ve been listening to this month in the comments below. I would love to know and find some new song suggestions while I’m at it!


Christine Celine