Moves Making Impact: Bumble x SOUTH Jazz Kitchen


Bumble is one of the many apps that we millennials use to find dates, make friends or even expand our businesses through networking. What sets Bumble apart from its competitors is that women make the first move! I absolutely love that because it shakes up gender norms and empowers women to play a more active role in dating, building friendships and networking.


Moves Making Impact

Now, Bumble is stepping up to the plate to support a variety of fantastic causes and here’s how you can get involved! Their new Moves Making Impact campaign encourages users to go to their settings, select a cause that they care about and continue swiping. The only difference is once this feature is set up, any messages sent to a new match will result in Bumble donating to your selected cause. How fantastic is supporting a great cause while also meeting amazing people?!

Bumble’s philanthropic partner is Vital Voices, an international non-profit organization that identifies and partners with and empowers creative, fearless women leaders changing world. Current causes that women can support include: public policy, economic development and human rights. Even if you’re a busy bee, you can still make an impact in the community and support women who are working to advance the lives of others in the community through Bumble’s app. This is a win-win in my book.

Blogger Friends: (L-R)  @_ajourneytofit_ ,  @dhruvii_s ,  @salllylee ; Not pictured but special thanks to  @deepikamary  for hosting this event

Blogger Friends: (L-R) @_ajourneytofit_, @dhruvii_s, @salllylee; Not pictured but special thanks to @deepikamary for hosting this event

As a Bumble BFF user, I can attest that making genuine, quality friends via the app IS possible. The connections that I have made with like-minded women has been incredible. So far everyone has been unbelievably supportive and empowering. It’s truly girls supporting girls as they say. The best part is that you can feel even better about making new matches since Bumble will make a donation on your behalf!


SOUTH Jazz Kitchen

Speaking of girls supporting girls, Bumble is fantastic and partners with Bumble Ambassadors to promote networking and social events throughout the year. I truly love that about the company. One of the most recent Philadelphia events was held at SOUTH Jazz Kitchen. It was a great event that encouraged attendees to donate items of clothing to Dress For Success. Dress For Success is a non-profit that empowers and supports women whilst ensuring that they get assistance with professional attire and development tools to succeed in the workplace and in life. Plus, the food at SOUTH is absolutely yummy and they have a live jazz band that performs during the evening.


First off, the rosemary fries are delicious and extremely addicting. I could munch on them forever. Aside from this, the deviled eggs were well seasoned and melt in your mouth. I also found the pimento cheese and crackers to be great and really enjoyed snacking on them.


It’s also great to note that SOUTH has recently revamped their beverage program for the spring. After sampling a couple of delicious options such as their Southern Flower with hibiscus, Peach Julep and the I Dream in Lavender martini, I decided on a refreshing sangria. Their outdoor courtyard will be a fantastic way to enjoy the warm weather and wind down. SOUTH truly has the best ambiance with unique seating areas, a fantastic Southern food menu and beignets that look out of this world. I cannot wait to return to take a bite out of one of those.


Please let me know if you love Bumble or Bumble BFF as much as I do in the comments below! I’d love to hear stories about how the app connected you to friends or maybe even your significant other. Lastly, remember small actions DO make an impact. Don’t be afraid to make the first move. Whether it’s dating, making a friend or even just helping in your community. Those acts of kindness will always be appreciated and trust me, they will change someone’s life for the better!


Christine Celine

P.S. We actually ended up handing out leftovers to some homeless people after the event so it really goes to show you how small actions can impact those around you. So don’t hesitate and make those moves ladies and gentleman!