Meeting Lolo Zouaï + High Highs to Low Lows Tour


I rarely splurge on VIP Meet and Greet tickets so when I do, it is the real deal. I first discovered Lolo Zouaï in the fall of 2017 but didn’t really get hooked until I heard High Highs to Low Lows in January of 2018. From there I was truly enamored by the French-Algerian songstress. I was inspired by her lyrics and grind. Plus, she is hilarious and has a great personality as indicated by her social media activity. When the announcement came out that Lolo was going on tour, I just had to see her. Not many of my friends actually listen to her, unfortunately, so finding a partner in crime became a challenge. (Is this a purposeful song reference? You will never know.)

2019-04-26 19:44:31.795.JPG

Luckily, I reached out to my friend Abby and she was 100% on board with seeing Lolo Zouaï live. At the time, in February, my funds were low so we opted for the GA admission ticket which was purchased for $18 dollars + fees via Ticketfly for her New York concert at the Bowery Ballroom. I was so satisfied and ecstatic that we would finally reunite and get to see one of our favorite artists.


As the date approached, I began interacting with Lolo more on Instagram Live and through DM. I was a little bummed that Abby and I did not purchase the VIP Meet and Greet for $50 and accepted it. However, one day, Lolo was holding an Instagram Live and I commented how I wished that I got the VIP ticket instead. She said that I should but I found out they were all sold out. I ended up messaging Lolo directly and she was able to add a limited number of VIP tickets to the NYC show. I eagerly messaged Abby and we decided to take the leap.


I decided to call Ticketfly Customer Service to see if there was any way to upgrade or exchange our tickets. Luckily, the venue allowed this change and we were able to get a refund on our GA tickets and purchase a VIP Meet and Greet ticket for the show instead over the phone. Overall, the process was pretty seamless. The refund came within the week and we were all good to go having been sent a new ticket and barcode via email confirmation.


On the day of the show, we were instructed to arrive by 7 p.m. which is when they allowed VIP ticket holders to enter the venue. From there we got into line, picked up our VIP tour shirts and got to take a photo with Lolo after meeting her. I loved the quality of both the shirt and the polaroid which you can see documented below. Lolo ended up being super sweet and funny. The meet and greet was so great and it was wonderful to actually converse with Lolo in real life for once. It was truly a great moment in my book.


The show opened with Chloe Lilac, a New-York based artist with some bedroom-pop releases that truly resonated with me. My favorite, Jean Deaux followed and got us all hyped for Lolo Zouaï. Her voice was silky smooth and Jean Deaux can rap really well. She’s also a total sweetheart and I love that she took the time to chat with me after the show. She’s a really genuine person with the voice of an angel.


Lolo Zouaï really is something else. She is a great performer and she sounds even better live. You can sense her passion and excitement in every song. Sonically, her voice floats over riffs effortlessly and she adds a special flair to her live performance. My favorite songs include Caffeine, Moi, Lose Myself and Brooklyn Love. If she’s on tour in your area and you still have a chance, definitely grab your ticket ASAP! I also adored her visuals because this girl is so talented and spent the year filming and editing them. They’re nostalgic clips from her life and I think that her creative direction is fantastic! Plus, her graphic designer has created some badass visuals and does some work for some of my other favorite artists, such as King Princess.


Lastly, her merchandise is totally worth checking out. I was torn between the black tee with Lolo from the High High to Low Lows album artwork and this Nascar Racer Crewneck. Of course, the crewneck won on account of the Parisian jigglypuff sleeve detail that I am obsessed with. It looks so great and pairs well with a variety of outfits. I purchased this crewneck in a size Medium for reference. I also picked up her black wool beret which I am extremely pleased with. The quality is great and it has been keeping me warm on these chillier spring days and nights.

You lose your mind every time that I… ride.

You lose your mind every time that I… ride.

This tour will always be a great memory for me and I am so happy that I got to share it with a great friend! Who do you normally go to concerts with? I’d love to know in the comments below! Also, be on the lookout for a detailed vlog and blog post of things to do on a rainy day in NYC which will be out tomorrow morning! Thanks for reading!


Christine Celine