Lantern Fest 2017: A Day in the Poconos


Many months ago my friend messaged me asking if I would be willing to volunteer for the Lantern Fest. I said yes, immediately. She didn't have to sell me on the idea because I was always admiring the previous years on Instagram. Of course, I forgot about the event thereafter, until I got a reminded in my email. The excitement I had for the festival was still present and I was counting down the days until the fated Tangled moment of my dreamsDriving up to the Poconos is definitely a trek not only for me but for my friends. We decided to meet beforehand so that we could head over to a winery and have some quality time together in the morning. It was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend going to Mountain View Winery if you ever find yourself in that neck of the woods. Our guide was informative and the wines were delicious and accompanied by small bites of chocolate and cheese. We spent some time enjoying our own bottle of wine after the tasting and enjoyed the crisp autumn air of the Pocono Mountains.

After our mini adventure, we decided to make a few stops for food. Soon after we were on our way to the lantern fest. After 5 hours in the cold, we huddled up together and decided to find our spot in the crowd. This wonderful family offered to share a fire pit and some blankets, luckily. Their hospitality made the moment that much better.

We unpacked our kits and began to construct some classic s'mores using the flames provided. After the sun went down, it was finally time. The release of the lanterns was here at last. One by one, the lanterns slowly began to wind their way up into the wind. The beauty of the moment had us all in awe.

Unfortunately, lighting the lanterns became a challenge with the cold wind howling at our torches. We successfully managed to release one lantern after many holes and burning edges due to the wind. Nonetheless the experience was fun and I would totally visit again during a warmer scheduled event. Together, we absorbed the magic of the moment and headed back to the warm refuge of our car.

I think The Lantern Fest is really fun and I highly recommend buying tickets if it ever comes to your neck of the woods. Sharing a real life Tangled moment with your loved ones is simply beautiful. What could be better than that? Have you been to The Lantern Fest? What are your favorite things to do now that we're transitioning into the cooler months? Let me know in the comments below and I'll try to check some of them out this season!

If you want to see a quick vlog of our day click here!

With Love,

Christine Celine

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