June Music Favorites 2018


What a whirlwind May has been. If you just graduated, I want to say congratulations! On that note, I love the song named Congratulations by Post Malone. This track has been the go-to song every time a semester ends or a victory happens! Post just released a new album and that has pretty much been my entire June Music Favorites for 2018. If you haven't listened to it, please go do so ASAP. Of course, I didn't want to leave you guys with just one album so I found a bunch of great picks for June to go along with Post Malone's new album Beerbongs and Bentleys. I've also starred my "you-must-absolutely-listen-to" songs as well.  Let's begin the June Music Favorites 2018 rundown! Be sure to follow along on Spotify! I even have a preview of the playlist on YouTube for a quick rundown. 

June Music Favorites 2018

Post Malone - Better Now* 

This song has seriously been playing nonstop. I get so happy when I hear a small snippet as I walk around town. Post Malone's entire album is so good and this is probably my top favorite song from the album. I love the pace of the song and the lyrics. I am in a better place now and I love singing this at the top of my lungs because I finally feel like I've settled into a really good groove right now. I'm proud to say I'm better now. Also peep the Jonas Brothers reference.

Jamie xx - I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times)(ft. Young Thug & Popcaan)* 

I loved this song last summer so much that I had to bring it back this year. I don't even know how I found it or why it came up but I'm still hooked. This song always puts me in a good mood and I know there's gonna be good times. Good Times. The beat is so happy and appropriate for June and summertime jams.

Alina Baraz - Buzzin* 

I love Alina as you know and this song just screams summer to me. I've been listening to it for months but I felt it needed to be a June pick so here we are. I also hear this song a lot at my internship and can't help humming along if I am not assisting a guest. I love it so much and I really hope you do to. Just press play and sit back and relax.

Kali Uchis - Your Teeth in My Neck* 

I love how this song starts off and just slowly builds up. Kali always tells such cool stories in her songs and I absolutely love the chorus. It's so jazzy and fun. I love driving around listening to this song. I also appreciate Kali Uchis' social commentary in this song. Listen closely and you'll notice her comments on capitalism and big businesses and even the music industry. They're vampires.

Abhi The Nomad - Somebody to Love* 

I've been slowly going back to my indie roots after a long phase listening to Soulection and strictly R&B. This song is another fun summery song and I think Abhi The Nomad is a really cool artist. He reminds me of artists like Young the Giant and Cage the Elephant or event Foster the People.

Gryffin - Winnebago (Ft. Quinn XCII & Daniel Wilson)

#VanLife. My mom has been so into these vloggers and RVers that it's been rubbing off on me. When this song came up as a suggestion I was so amused because if you didn't know Winnebago is a RV brand. I love the upbeat pace of this song and the lyrics. It just tempts me to get in the car and go on a road trip ASAP.

SG Lewis - Golden

Is it just me or I thought this song was by Snakehips at first listen. I feel like there is this one electronic effect/beat that is in every Snakehip intro and I hear that element in this song. Nonetheless, SG Lewis is another great artist and I love putting this track on and zoning out after a stressful day.

Bassette & Joe Hertz - Bermuda* 

I love Bassette's voice. I can't get over this song. It's got this bass that I adore and the perfect balance between airy vocals and deeper elements. Another nice song for a lazy day on the beach. I want to just keep this on loop and get into the zone whenever I am working on a project.

Mars Today & Esta - Summatime Fine 

So fine in the summer. What can I say? It's almost summatime and this song is extremely appropriate. I love the piano and the way the song builds and weans. Just kick back and enjoy with the windows down and the volume up!

Mustard & Nick Jonas - Anywhere* 

Okay, I guess I am still a Jonas fan at heart. I love Nick Jonas, so let's just get that out of the way. This song is another great one from him and Mustard. A nice balance of electronic and R&B in my opinion.

HONNE & Tom Misch - Me & You ◑*

I really want to see HONNE. I love all their releases so far and this song always puts me in the best mood. I love the lyrics and it's such a cute love song. Also, it's my favorite collaboration this month. I love Tom Misch and HONNE and I can hear both their influences in this song. If you're familiar with Tom Misch, I'm sure you can hear it in the guitar riffs before the chorus.  Overall this song is fun, summery and a great way to ring in June.

Aaron Childs - Good 2 U*

I wasn't expecting to like this song as much as I do. It reminds me of some 90's and 2000's songs and I love the influence it has on this song. It's another feel-good track that makes me want to dance around my room.

KAYTRANADA & Teedra Moses - Be Your Girl* 

I'm guilty of actually repeating this song 2-3 times and dancing around my room. I really want to make a video to this song. I think it would be perfect for a lookbook so get ready for some fire shots courtesy of my Instagram/YouTube husband, Dave. I hope this song also makes you get up and dance because KAYTRANADA always makes me feel that way.

Rüfüs du Sol - You Were Right 

Another great song for summer chilling. I saw Rüfüs at GovBall last year after I ran into my friend Amanda. She told me she was going to see him and that I should check him out. Verdict: I am so glad I did. I love his tracks and this is probably the one I listen to the most.

Anik Khan, Sango & Burna Boy - Oh My 

Oh my goodness, I was not ready for this collaboration guys. Sango and Anik Khan? Thank you Spotify. It's such a cool fusion of Sango beats, dancehall and those South Asian inspired tabla drums. I just wanted to support and share my love of some great South Asian artists along with Raveena and Abhi The Nomad. It's not often I see my culture represented in these genres or space so it makes me so happy to see so many artists come up nowadays. Some other great South Asian American artists include Sameer Gadhia from Young the Giant and my cousin Ruby from Ruby Velle & the Soulphonics.

Migos - White Sand (ft. Travis Scott, Ty Dolla $ign and Big Sean) 

Another good beach/poolside party song. You can't go wrong with Migos. I feel like this is one of their more underrated tracks off this album.

Post Malone - Stay 

This song is so beautiful and I love this softer side of Post Malone. What I love most about this song are the emphasis on acoustics and guitars. It's not as aggressive as some of the other songs on the album.

Raveena - Honey* 

I love Raveena and I have been hitting play whenever there's a gloomy rainy day. I reserve this song for my evenings when I am winding down or my mornings when I am preparing for the day. Raveena is also going on tour soon so I highly encourage supporting her and giving her a listen.

Summer Salt - Sweet to Me 

A gentle summer song. I really love artists with a soft surf-rock kind of vibe and Summer Salt is the perfect band to get into for that. I haven't listened to them in a long time but summer always gets me into this indie phase. It's a pretty and simple song with laid back instrumentals-- a summery classic.

Japanese Breakfast - Road Head 

Another song leaning towards my steps back towards indie and favorite artists I've been neglecting as of late. This song has airy vocals and guitar riffs that wind along. It's another great song for any upcoming road trips you have when you need to dial it back for a moment.

The Aces - Holiday 

I've recently come across The Aces and they really remind me of HAIM. If you love HAIM then this will be another group that you will come to love. With everyone going on holiday, I thought this was a cute addition to the playlist.

Elohim & Whethan - Sleepy Eyes  

Moving into more electronic beats, here lies Sleepy Eyes. I have been constantly moving and grooving and that leaves me with many late nights and early mornings. This song perfectly sums that up.

Eric Nam - Honestly 

I don't listen to K-Pop at all but I came across this song and it was really catchy. Its another song where you don't need to know the lyrics to enjoy it. Eric Nam is a great artist so I hope you enjoy as well.

Joe Hertz - Stay Lost - Cabu Remix (ft Amber) 

If you've watched my TSA-Friendly skincare and makeup guide video, you have definitely heard this song. The travel bug has been kicking in and I think that is song is another great song to throw into your summer playlist.

Tinashe & Future - Faded Love 

Tinashe and Future have a nice summery collaboration out right now. I think it's a nice song for a chill time by the pool or the beach.

Jorja Smith - Blue Lights 

Blue Lights is another new song off of Jorja Smith's recently released album. It's a little dark and moody and her voice graces through some interesting riffs. The lyrics are also intriguing dealing with topics of guilt and crime. The song gives me Lauryn Hill vibes for sure.

Elijah Blake - Dopamine 

This song is another great song for those late night musings and drives. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter associated with happiness and addiction and I really geeked out when I heard this song.

Louis Mattrs - Killing Me Differently 

I really love the tracks that Louis Mattrs has been creating. Its another song that I feel fits into the Soulection genre.

Jorja Smith - Fine Lines 

This song comes from the soundtrack to the comedy series Insecure. I absolutely love this song from Jorja. On another note, the Insecure soundtrack is actually really good and has a great mix of songs.

Post Malone - Takin' Shots* 

Please listen to this album because if I could, I would list the entire album here. This song is one that I enjoy and I think that it's playful and Post Malone did a great job putting it together with his team.

Post Malone - Zack & Codeine 

I love the suite life of zack and cody reference, first of all. This song is also another happy summer song that I've been playing on my drives around the city.

Post Malone - Ball For Me (ft. Nicki Minaj)* 

Basketball references and Nicki Minaj make for another unexpected but super collaboration. I really enjoyed this song and once again LOVED the album.

I hope you enjoyed my Junes Music Favorites 2018. Let me know down below which songs from the playlist are your favorite! Don't forget to follow me and the June Music Favorites 2018 playlist on Spotify! Last but not least, I would love if you share what you've been listening to lately! Happy June!


Christine Celine