June 2019 Spotify Playlist


Welcome to Pride month! June is already off to an exciting and invigorating start! I have been loving the songs listed below in addition to two other playlists: That Sass & Boss Babe. This month is all about living up to my fullest potential and being unapologetically myself. As a result, these playlists embody those intentions and really get me in the mood. I highly recommend listening to them before a night out or to pump yourself up when you need to in the morning. There’s also a mix of fun lo-fi songs to really get into the zone and get work done. As always, follow along on Spotify and read below for a little background to each on on this June 2019 Spotify Playlist.

June 2019 Spotify Playlist

Christian Rich - Dripping Summers (ft. Little Dragon & Vic Mensa) * 

 Let’s start off this month is a hazy ode to summer. I absolutely love the chorus to this song. It blends electronic and hip-hop so effortlessly into an eclectic blend. 

UMI - Ordinary* 

Let’s pick things up with one of my current favorite songs from UMI. The instrumental is very funky and super danceable. I absolutely love the lyrics and gentle vocals that UNI provides in this track. 

little mood - gingerbeer.wav* 

little mood is one of my favorite finds as of late. They seriously came out of no where for me but I am so happy they did. This song is a little more reflective and moody but it just feels so good to sing along to it. 

ieuan - Honey Lavender*  

This song is fantastic and I just realized right now that this song is about someone falling for a straight/bi dude who is hesitant to come out. With it being pride month, this is relevant as ever. Originally I loved the song because June reminds me of lavender and the song is super catchy! Listen for yourself. 

Omar Apollo - Kickback* 

Keeping up the momentum, we have Omar Apollo’s catchy and groovy track. It goes by so fast but every second is so enjoyable. You’ll be surprised it’s over so soon!   

svrite & Scarlet Santiago - Golden*  

This is one of my favorite tracks from svrite. It is so summery and has a prominent dancehall influence with an enchanting feature from Scarlet Santiago.  

lilbootycall - 777 (ft. Cuco & Kwe$t)

A laid-back beat with some really cute lyrics detailing *gasp* dropping side chicks for a main girl.

James Bambu - Sunny Daze* 

This song always has a way of picking up my mood. it’s a really sweet indie R&B song with silky vocals. I highly recommend adding it to a Sunday Morning type of playlist. 

UMI - Down to Earth*  

I would star every single UMI song to be frank. This is such a beautiful track. Singing this song makes me feel so wholeheartedly happy.  

CLAY - orange

This song is bittersweet and nostalgic. The production even reflects that tone. CLAY’s vocalist is also so soothing to listen too. It’s a very sweet song! 

LAUNDRY DAY - Lavender

This song is very stripped down and the lead singers voice floats over the guitar riffs as easy as a breeze on a warm summer evening.

Ayelle - Obvious

I want you to know. We should say it. This song has the signature haze and R&B production of Ayelle which is truly enjoyable.

Lo Village & Dirty Shafi - Lil Mama*

This song is so fun and I love the production. It’s so easy and breezy and perfect for summer. I love when this song comes on during my workouts.

Choker - Petrol Bliss*

This song is so fantastic. I can just float away and choker truly reminds me of Frank Ocean at times. If you love Frank’s older stuff, then this is a song that you will appreciate.

itssvd & Shiloh Dynasty - you’re just playing with my heart

A low-key lo-fi song that flows so quickly. It ends so soon but I absolutely love every second of it.

Ari Lennox - BMO*

I always loved Ari Lennox and this is one of my favorite tracks off her latest album. It makes me feel so confident and sassy. I hope it picks up your mood too!

Don Toliver - 2 Lil Shorty*

I absolutely love the slenderbodies sample of their song anemone. This song always hypes me up in the gym in a chill way. I think that you will enjoy the blend of rap and indie.

John Solomon & Jean Deaux - Karma

First of all, Jean Deaux is such a genuine and kind person! I absolutely loved meeting her after Lolo Zouaï’s concert last month. She’s so talented and her vocals shine in this track.

Sylo Nozra - FOMO

This song blends indie and R&B once again into a really danceable track. It brightens my mood and hopefully yours too! FOMO has never been so enjoyable.

Kelsey Lu - Due West*

I’ve been so drawn to this song as well as the Skrillex remix version. There is something about the first verse that draws me in while the chorus keeps me hooked! I highly recommend giving this song a listen!

Deb Never - Ugly

A great song for when you’re in your feels. Sometimes you just need that melancholy song about how shit doesn’t workout the way you hope.

Millie Turner - Night Running

Picking up the pace, we have this electronic/pop hybrid from Millie Turner.

Current Blue - Six Speed*

I can never slow down either. I love the intro and the lyrics regarding the backseat of the BMW. Super relatable personally.

Yeek - Too Fast

I truly enjoy the recent EP, IDK WHERE, from Yeek. Please check it out! He collaborated with so many of my favorites such as UMI, Jesse (from the Neighbourhood) and Dominic Fike.

Vindata, Skrillex & NSTASIA - Favor

I love the blend of genres in this track. It really builds up into a fun summer track.

Kwamie Liv - Blasé

This song becomes so infectious and depicts a lover who is unimpressive at most.

UHMEER - Blunt’d

If you enjoy SiR, Nonchalant Savant and BJ The Chicago Kid, then this song is perfect for you. It flows so smoothly and I can honestly feel the effects sonically.

Aftertheparty - take two

Aftertheparty is one of my favorite artists and he hasn’t released a song that i don’t love. This one is very relaxing as usual.

Young Thug, J. Cole & Travis Scott - The London*

This is one of my favorite collaborations of the month. This song just motivates me when working out and I always want to dance along to it. Once it starts, you’ll understand.

Miley Cyrus & Ghostface Killah - D.R.E.A.M.

A play on C.R.E.A.M. from Wu Tang Clan with an actual feature from Ghostface Killah himself. This song is very mellow; similar to the feeling when you start to sober up from a long night.


This is such a good collaboration that makes me feel like a confident boss babe. I love collaborations between confident, independent women.

Still Woozy - Maybe She

You got me so confused. This song literally says it all and the production is very true to Still Woozy’s infectious style.


This song is so catchy and oozes summer vibes. I really love singing along and dancing in my room to this one.

Dominic Fike - 3 Nights

This song is another summery track that has some tropical, California vibes.

SALES - Thurs 6-25

A song about a Thursday in June. I had to include it of course. This song doesn’t have many vocals and leans towards lo-fi while remaining within the bedroom indie-pop realm.

Noire - He’s My Baby

If you loved the Mellow Mornings & Indie Dreams playlists, then this song will be another hit. It’s so soothing and gorgeous.

Cuco & Kwe$t - Summer Time High Time

This song literally has the keyword, summer, in it so it clearly needed to be included in this month’s playlist. i LOVE Cuco if you couldn’t tell and this song is another great song that would be a perfect addition to the Indie Dreams playlist.

Ritt Momney - Young Adult*

This song is so beautiful and mellow. I love that it depicts the moments of trying to find oneself. A never ending journey for me personally. Also the duet is really pretty and softens the grungy, crunchy electric guitar riffs.

Choker - Moksha

Is this something we all seek? I absolutely love the journey that this song takes me on. Buckle up because you will go to a different plane for sure.

SATICA - Take a Walk

This song is refreshing and vulnerable. Letting your guard down isn’t easy but SATICA makes the attempt to do so on this track.

Tayá & Yxng Bane - When Ur Sober

This song picks things up. It has a reminiscent 90s pop instrumental that complements Tayá’s voice. A true R&B track to enjoy.

Cuco & Dillon Francis - Fix Me

This song is another great track from Cuco. He’s been on a roll this entire year with new releases. The Dillon Francis production on this track is unexpected but pairs well surprisingly.

Yuna & G-Eazy - Blank Marquee

This is a new track from one of my old favorites, Yuna. Funny story but I recently met one of her friends at a Vietnamese restaurant in New York who took photos for her recently. It’s so cool how small and random the world is. I am so proud of Yuna and can’t wait to hear her new album.

TOKiMONSTA & Ambré- Strange Froot

Ending the month with this mellow masterpiece from TOKiMONSTA and Ambré. This is truly a gem that you need to listen to. Just trust me and let the guitars and her gentle voice wash over you.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s Spotify playlist! I am really looking forward to the next one and can’t wait to share it with you in July. In the meantime, please share your current favorite songs in the comments below and let me know how your June is going!


Christine Celine