July Music Favorites 2018


Another month has gone and left me with so many good memories! I hope July is off to a great start for you! I have compiled a great list of songs for you below! Thirty-five to be exact! Read on for a little snippet as to why each song deserved a spot this month. Remember the * are MUST LISTENS! As always be sure to follow me on Spotify and follow the playlist to have some great songs in your pocket! Check out my YouTube video for a short preview, too! 

July Music Favorites 2018

Jae Stephens - 24K*  

I had to start of July with this track that keeps me upbeat and happy. Jae Stephens voice is so great and this song is a great nod to the beginning of my relationship with Dave. In a couple weeks it will be our 3rd anniversary and I’m excited for all the adventures and smiles we have in store for us! It's a cute and upbeat love song, what can I say?


Another upbeat song love song that is summer appropriate! I think that this song is perfect for any hangouts with friends or road trips you have planned this month. I hope that this song brings some colour into your life, as well! 


Following "Colour' is "Move Me." I love the drum beats in this song. It's another summer jam that I've been playing incessantly. I think that Mura Masa is a great artist and highly recommend giving this song and some of his older stuff a listen (Hint* "Firefly" by Mura Masa is a great song) 

ROY WOODS - Balance (ft. dvsn & pnb rock)

We all need balance in life, right? This song effortlessly flows from the verses to the chorus. I love anything with dvsn so this song is no different. I think this song is very similar to other Roy Woods songs but I enjoy the beats mixed into this one. Also, we can't forget that I LOVE dvsn. 

Khalid, 6LACK & TY Dolla $ign - OTW*

Put it in drive, I'll be outside, I'll be on the way. Confession, I've been listening to this song for MONTHS and thought I had it in a playlist only to realize I didn't. I love the collaboration and the track highlights 6lack and Khalid in the best ways possible. I love their voices so much and this song is so catchy. 

Miguel & goldlink - got friends* 

If a song in July had me excited, this would be it. I was scrolling through Instagram when this dropped and Miguel & GoldLink posted about this blessing of a collaboration. I immediately went to Spotify to listen in. I need to be honest. I didn't like the song at first because I was kind of loud and I didn't really pay attention. On my second listen, I really listened and it grew on me. I am obsessed with this song now. Sorry, not sorry. 


This song is another one that screams "summer." I love the retro summer vibe it gives me with the electronic keys. I'll admit, it is kind of hard to catch what July 7 says. Mumble rap has officially infiltrated R&B. Nonetheless, this song is great and the production definitely makes up for that. So what's it gonna to be?


Stylized bLAck pARty, the LA comes from his current digs while the AR nods to his roots. This song is another fresh summer beat. I hope you guys are feeling this as much as I do. Fun fact, Donald Glover tweeted about this singer in 2016 and he's a part of Gambino's Royalty Collective   That's when you know, he must be good because Donald Glover stopped using social media for a long time. 


Another moody song about putting a girl in the friend zone after some mixed signals. I mean the beats are good and Tory Lanez has a nice rasp in his voice on this one. 


I love Rich Brian and his respective collective, 88Rising is releasing an album soon. So far all the singles are super good. If you love Post Malone, then I believe this is the next album to look out for. The vocals are by Joji and flow so smoothly in spite of the expletive. Followed by Rich Chigga's deep voice, its a nice contrast. The other artists featured on the track include August 08, Higher Brothers and NIKI (who is not credited on the track for some reason).


I don't typically listen to EDM year-round, but I always have a special place for it in my heart during the summer. This song is very mellow and I love the vocals intertwined with the staccato beats in the background. It's a longer song but I think you'll enjoy every twist and turn. 


The best combination of EDM, trap and Hip-Hop/R&B this summer. It takes me back to my days at Mad Decent and I am honestly here for it. I particularly love RL Grime's sections because they really drive the song forward. Lastly, something about this song reminds me of "Antidote" by Travis Scott. Is it just me? Do you hear it, too?

clyde guevara - higher vibration

I feel like my motto for the summer, and the entirety of the year, is to be on a higher vibration. On to better things and no negativity. As we've been saying lately, we don't need that kind of negativity here. It's time to manifest positivity through our actions and thoughts. Closer to God and on a higher vibration. 

ROLE MODEL - girl in new york

Moving towards the more indie side of things, ROLE MODEL was a great find. I love the guitar riffs in this one and how the harmonies float through them. It's funny because the Maine-based artist actually began rapping until he switched to lo-fi electronic productions and airy vocals. I think it suits him well. 


This song kinda reminds me of a K-pop song but it isn't. This is a smooth and calming song off of Mars Today's latests album Bits & Pieces. Check his stuff out because it's all so good and kinda like a crossover of John Mayer and Mac Ayres. 

rei brown - street fighter 

Another great lo-fi artists with airy vocals and a great production. He is similar to Joji and Shiloh Dynasty in my opinion. I can always relax and put this track on after a long day. It's the best! 

brasstracks & xavier omär - stay there* 

Let's get into some jazzy feels. To start off is this wonderful track from my favorite man, Xavier Omär. Any song he is on is always a pleasure to listen to; even sing along to. His voice is just amazing and purely what it sounds like live if not better. I love the saxophones and trumpets included in this song. It reminds me of "Sunday Candy" by Chance the Rapper as well. Most of all, let the past stay in the past. 

naji - affairs* 

I'm not one for affairs. This song is very cheeky as Naji tries to resist temptation. This is my favorite track from his latest release, Act I. I can't wait for the rest of the story to unfold but until then, listen to the first act. I think this EP was beautifully crafted. Only time will tell us what happens after the intermission. 

Kiana Ledé - Fairplay 

I really love this song. It's some good R&B reminiscent of Kehlani and some other great artists. Simple as that. 

Khalid & H.E.R. - This Way*

I absolutely love their voices together. Having my favorite artists together in a track always gets me so exited. I think that their voices are so complementary and raspy with some softness mixed in. Also, the soundtrack for the movie, Superfly, is really good. It makes me curious to see what the movie is about. 

teyana taylor - issues/hold on*

I loved this song on first listen and when my soon to be roommate and friend sent this over to me, it was settled. This song is fire. In the words of my friend: "Blessing this iMessage chat." Blessed indeed. Her voice and every aspect of the song is heavenly. It's stripped down and simple and really lets her vocals shine on some nice riffs. Teyana's album is also great! I recommend giving her a listen, ASAP. 


It's so hard to keep from singing along to this as I walk around the city. Jorja Smith is another one of my favorite artists and this song is one reason why. It's dreamy, delicate but powerful. All the characteristics that inspire me each day. Her vocals on this track are exquisite and I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do. 

raveena aurora - Wherever You Go*

I keep rediscovering gems from her EP, Shanti. I love how laid-back this song is and can't get enough of her voice either. It's ethereal and heavenly. I always feel as though Raveena's voice just wraps me up in a sense of calm and happiness. 

Vacationer - Romance

An easy, breezy song by an indie band that I truly enjoy. This song is one from a newly released album, Mindset. With a name like that I am intrigued. Be prepared for some updates come August on how I feel about the album. 

rex orange county & benny sings - loving is easy* 

This song actually always improves my mood. If you're feeling down, hit play and let your worries float away. I have had a couple of not so great days in the past couple of weeks and this song really helped get me to a better place. It's another song that makes me want to dance in my room as goofy as that may be. He also did a version of "You've Got a Friend In Me" from Toy Story!

peter cottontale, rex orange county, CHANCE THE RAPPER, daniel caesar, MADISON RyaNn ward & yebba - Forever always

Wow, so many artists on one track. If that's not enough to get you to listen, maybe Chance the Rapper & Daniel Caesar lending vocals to the track will convince you. Peter CottonTale is a keyboardist and also a part of Chance's Social Experiment.  It's a harmonious track that glides and floats along similar to a gospel choir. One element I will forever always love is a choir arrangement.  You're the only song on my iPod....You're my number one song on every playlist.... I'll always love you. 

Forrest. - your soul*

This song samples "Mambo Number 5" by Lou Bega but almost deconstructed. I love how summery and light this song is. I think you guys will enjoy it a lot. 

Mac Ayres - Calvin's Joint 

I always used to casually listen to Mac Ayres without much thought. Recently, I've been really enjoying his music and this song stuck out to me suddenly. It's slow and jazzy and builds steadily into a really nice rhythm. 

abhi the nomad & Foster - Some Assembly Required 

The intro reminds me of some Daphne Loves Derby songs from years ago. I really like the indie and hip-hop crossover found in Abhi the Nomad's music. Also, another South Asian artist that I am proud of. This song is reminiscent of Young the Giant if they ever has a similar crossover. 

Kevin Abstract - Degas Park 

A lo-fi beat with a little sparkle! This is another summery song and I like the flow of Kevin's rap.

Joji - Will He 

Another song from Joji. It's slow and kind of sad but I really like the piano intro and how Joji's voice saunters over the lo-fi track. 

potsu & Shiloh - i'm closing my eyes

If you listen to XXXTENTACION, you've probably heard this sampled in "Jocelyn Flores." Personally, I try not to listen to that song as it's a little more graphic and melancholy. I do love the original lo-fi track. I think we should also support them because it's so relaxing and calming to listen to. 

JUICE WRLD - Legends 

Sorry for the mumble rap. This song is actually kinda nice to work out to since I am weird and prefer to work out to slower songs. Please forgive me. 

Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Future & James Blake - King's Dead 

I really liked this song when I first listened to the Black Panther album. After seeing the TDE Championship Tour, this song has be stuck in my head. It definitely pumps me up and I love putting it on when I do cardio or have some heavier sets to complete at the gym. 

Young The Giant - Simplify

Random ending to a rather cohesive playlist BUT I personally love Young the Giant and can't wait for their next album. This single is airy and bright just like their previous single, "Silvertongue." Which by the way, is also a great song you should check out! 


I hope you guys, enjoyed this playlist! Please let me know which song was your favorite and what you've been listening to these days, down below. Don't forget to listen along on Spotify and follow me for the latest music updates. Thanks for reading and listening! Cheers to the weekend! 


Christine Celine