January Music Favorites 2018


Welcome to a New Year and a brand new playlist curated by yours truly. I've been enjoying these songs over the past few weeks and can't wait to share them with you all. I'm mostly into indie R&B and electronic future beats. Each song that made the cut has a special place in my heart so I've decided to explain why I chose each one this year. Be sure to follow me and the January Vibes 2018 playlist on Spotify for easy listening anytime, anywhere. Also, it's not complete but here is a sneak peak of the Winter/Spring Vibes 2018 Playlist!

January Vibes 2018

SZA - Wavy (Interlude) (ft. James Fauntleroy)

I really hope SZA comes out with a full version of this song because it's so catchy and ends so abruptly. James Fauntleroy's voice is a really nice addition and I think it's a nice song to start the 2018 playlist. I've been taking things slow this month and trying to focus on self-improvement and this is a nice reflection of that.

Xavier Omar - Runnin' Round

I'm still on a high from seeing Xavier live in December and this was one of my favorite songs from his recent EP. Also, I really love the bridge and his vocals always give me the feels.

dvsn - P.O.V.

The whole Morning After album is one of my favorites currently. "I don't want to change your life, I just want to change your mood." is one of my favorite lines in this song.

Rayana Jay - Everything

What can I say about this one. It's everything. I love Rayana Jay's voice and the lyrics. I'm definitely no longer in a situation where the lyrics apply but I still love the lyrics nonetheless.

Elujay - 580

Just a chill song to drive around to. I really love Elujay and the flow of his songs.

Monte Booker & Naji - Mona Lisa

I'm slightly head over heels for Naji this month. I love his voice and literally every song he has put out. This song is just perfect. My favorite lines are: "I'm on a first name basis with danger, it's stranger when I'm there..." and "got your passport, got your visa, where's your smile Mona Lisa." For January my intentions are to travel more and take more risks so this really vibes with that.

Riz La Vie - Pisces

One of my friends posted this and I fell in love with Riz after. He has such a captivating sound and I really love his lyrics. I really wish I saw him and Berhana when they came through Philly but I had finals and such. I'm on the look for his next appearance though. Also, I am a fan of zodiac signs if you didn't know. I'm a Capricorn, you?

LION BABE  - Rockets (ft. Moe Moks)

The first thing that caught my attention was "I'm like butter on lobster." I always feel extra suave when this comes on. I love the arrangement and how her voice just floats through the entire song. "WE LIT, WE LIT" should be the motto for 2018.

Abhi//Dijon - Ignore

Definitely have had some regrets and this song definitely encapsulates those feelings. Things happen for a reason though and I believe I've come out stronger. Also, I vibe with those beats.

Sylo Nozra - Losing Myself

One of my favorites. This song is just magical. I love Sylo's voice and how he ebbs and flows throughout this song.

Kevin Garrett - Strangehold

I saw his acoustic performance at Firefly and I fell in love with Kevin Garrett. This song is beautiful and has such an eerie feeling to it somehow. Extremely different from the acoustic version he performed but all the more beautiful.

Kali Uchis - Ridin Round

I've also been loving Kali Uchis ever since I discovered her. I love this song and I feel like it fits with the trip I am about to go on.  I'll be riding around quite a lot. I'm also trying to be more true to myself and I am unapologetic as to who I am so this fits. Also, check out the Tyrant Remix with Daniel Caesar. It's so great!

11:11 - Home

Exactly how I feel coming home from vacation. I love how upbeat this song is and I'm automatically drawn to songs at this tempo that you can dance to. This was a perfect song to end January on an upbeat note although I'm definitely really into those slow jams. 

I hope you all enjoyed this month's playlist! I can't wait to share February Vibes with you. Until next time, be sure to follow me on Spotify. You can also access the January Vibes 2018 playlist on YouTube. Also, be on the lookout for my Christine Chhats series where we talk about self-improvement, music and life on YouTube!

Sending you all numerous hugs and many kisses,

Christine Celine