December 2018 Spotify Playlist


A little late but I am back from my much needed hiatus. Thank you for all your support, love and friendship in the meantime. I definitely loved this December 2018 Spotify playlist to death and didn’t want to skip it! As always, the asterisks (*) indicate my absolute musts and you can follow me on Spotify & Instagram. I hope you enjoy and as always share your favorite song of the moment in the comments below!

December 2018 Spotify Playlist

anders & LUCA - December*

Being born in December, this song stuck out to me immediately. I love anders and have been listening to him all year and patiently waiting to share this track. This song is intimate, sultry and details that vulnerability we all experience when we meet someone new.

Kris Wu - Like That

This song is reminiscent of a video game dreamscape with some moody bass. I absolutely love this song.

Yo Trane - Night Calls*

I love the energy and pace of this song. This track is quite playful and Yo Trane is very to the point with his objective if you will.

Aftertheparty - Washuwant1

Aftertheparty always has the bessot songs for those late nights and long drives. Throw this song on whenever you want to zone out.

Sinead Harnett - Want It With You*

I absolutely adore Sinead Harnett’s voice and this song stuck out to me this month. Sometimes you let people in who might not be the best for you in spite of it all.

anders - Diamonds

Another great track for those late night drives. Seriously listen to both of these albums: Twos and 669. Anders makes some of the best tracks, honestly.

PLAZA - All Mine

I really enjoy the mood of this song. Moral of the story: don’t take what you have for granted because someone better might come along.

frumhere & Doja Cat - brooklyn baby

This song is cloudy and disoriented sample of Trauma from Doja Cat. It’s infectious and addictive and speeds it up a little.

Lila Drew & GoldLink - faded/2am*

The juxtaposition between Lila Drew silky voice and GoldLink’s bars is so perfect on this track. This song has been such a great find this month.

Lais - Just Us II*

Same. Sometimes you just go back to the same person and this sequel to Just Us is pretty candid on how that results sometimes naturally.

Daniel Caesar - Who Hurt You?*

By now, you know I love Daniel Caesar. This song is so sexy and different from his previous releases. I really enjoy this side of him.

ASTN - Flowers*

This song is one of my favorites because you should never let someone let you go unappreciated. You deserve more than that and you should make room for someone who does appreciate you.

Ruel - Not Thinkin’ bout You

Absolutely love Ruel’s voice and the verses of this track.

Amber Mark - Lose My Cool

Amber Mark’s voice is so mellow and soulful and the dance track makes it sparkle. It’s not good bottling things in and this song is a super reminder to let it go before you lose your cool.

chromonicci - Graduated.

I did it, I have achieved it. I graduated. This song is a nod to moving on to bigger and better things in 2019 in every aspect of my life.

Mickey Blue - Attached*

I love that feeling when you first get to know someone and you just hit it off. This song reflects this feeling so perfectly.


The music video for this is wild and super entertaining. I love this song and it always hypes me up.

ESTA. & Kay Franklin - Love Like You*

Another upbeat track with a smooth production from ESTA. from Soulection. Don’t sleep on him or the whole Soulection family.

Stxry - Be Alright (Her)*

I absolutely love this Childish Gambino sample and what they did in the verses. It’s so pretty and soothing.

Medasin & Sophie Meiers - Tired

It’s all fun and games until you catch feelings, right? Sophie’s vocals are so pure and crisp, definitely love her contribution to this track.

Reva DeVito & Birthday Boy - DEEPER*

This song depicts that moment when you realize that you can’t be in the relationship anymore and that its time to grow independently.

KALLITECHNIS & ROMderful - Come Up

We love driven, motivated people and real connections. 2019 is all about positivity and this song is that.

Jeebanoff & Changmo - Timid

A chill Korean R&B song with an addictive production and flow. Honestly, you don’t even need to really understand it.

PLAZA- Personal

With some production reminiscent of the Weeknd, this song is dark and cautious.

Frvrfriday - Heaven Margiela

Heaven Margiela is has such a good flow and structure to it with some dancehall vibes. I highly recommend.

Ayelle & Calper - Stay Calm

Taking things a little slow and giving myself a reminder to stay calm and let things flow.

Kllo - Potential

This is a bittersweet song with nostalgic and ethereal whispers and layers from an awesome Australian duo. They are so great live!

Raveena - Temptation

Gotta support my brown fairy princess Raveena. This song is so simple and dreamy with her silky vocals coming through beautifully.

Rei Brown - Real Love

This song is gentle and romantic with some sparkles thrown in in the form of piano keys.

Mishaal - Kid Goku

Throwback to Dragon Ball Z (aka the best show aside from Sailor Moon, Pokemon & Yu-Gi-Oh!). This song is hazy with a lazy pace that I love.

Olivia Escuyos - Persian Rugs

Olivia’s voice is dreamy over some rapid hi-hats which grow into something even more sensual.

Omar Apollo - Ugotme*

I love Omar Apollo and this song is so sweet and touching. The production is slightly stripped back and has a crunch to the bass.

Mk.Gee - You

The stereo intro really gives this song a nostalgic and funky vibe.

Dan Caplen & Sinead Harnett - Closer To You

This is a more upbeat pop song that depicts some spontaneous adventures with someone special. Sinead Harnett slays her verse, also.

I hope you enjoyed this December 2018 Spotify Playlist as much as I do. Once again, Happy New Year and stay tuned for the January 2019 Spotify Playlist. I actually completed it on time. Sending you lots of love.


Christine Celine