April Music Favorites 2018


Happy Easter and April Fool's! I hope your April is off to an amazing start! As promised, my April Music Favorites 2018 are finally here! I have been enjoying these picks so much and I hope you love them too! Hop into your favorite corner, get your headphones or speakers and enjoy! Remember to follow the playlists on Spotify for quick access or YouTube if you prefer! Remember you can follow me on Spotify for new playlists every month!

April Favorites 2018

Raveena - Sweet Time*

I cant get enough of our girl Raveena Aurora. It's really refreshing and inspiring to see a woman of color from my heritage (Indian-American) in the R&B space. She is a strong advocate for female empowerment and I feel really connected to her vision. She feels like an older sister figure to me and I love her 90's inspiration sonically. If I had to recommend one artist this month, it would definitely be her. I highly recommend you checking out her EP Shanti as it's a wonderful collection of feel good songs and ethereal vocals.

Abhi//Dijon - Often

I love this duo and I'm sure you've taken notice if you've been following my playlists over the past year. This song just flows seamlessly and it was easy to just put on at the end of my day.

Cautious Clay - Elsewhere

I recently came across Cautious Clay and he reminds me of the Neighbourhood a little. I really enjoy his sound. Its a great mix of R&B and alternative rock. I really enjoy the blend between electronic beats and organic instruments.

SG Lewis & J Warner - Aura*

This song is always a great upbeat number from SG Lewis. I can always groove to this song and it gets me so excited for the summer and spring weather we've been desperately hoping for here on the East coast.

Childish Major - I Like You (ft. DRAM & 6lack)*

This song features some of my favorite elements: the deep bass, the complex vocal layers and the twinkling riffs. I really love the sultry slow track as it lazily drifts from one artist to the next with some reverb and other elements.


"Know your place, yeah, know your place. Yeah." This song really flows effortlessly and I always find myself singing along to it when I am hanging around the house.

NoMBe - Wait

I have to be honest, I saw this on a Buzzfeed Generations Through History video MONTHS ago but it came up on Spotify and it just stuck. This song always finds a way to creep into my head and I'm not sorry. It is a great find.

SATICA - Dysfunctional (ft. SAKIMA)

I was a little some type of way for no obvious reason when I found this song. Does that ever happen to you? No? Just me, well okay. I think that this song is the perfect to play when you're feeling just a little dysfunctional.


I love the electronic elements in this song layered under the vocals. I also chuckle every time the line "Drop that b***h" comes on.

Elijah Waters - Doses*

Oh my. This song is phenomenal on these new headphones we got. The bass is just grows and builds in these smooth layers. It also sounds so good in the car and I can keep it on loop. I think Elijah Waters voice is really addictive, too. He's also from the Netherlands which is cool!

July 7 - Talk To Me*

Fun fact, this guy has produced music for Travis Scott and T.I. I love the eclectic beats in this song and its so infectious that I can play it on repeat. I cant get enough of the chorus and it has a current that drives me when I am working on assignments.

Rendezvous At Two - Closer to U

Taking things slow again. I love her voice as she drifts through the verses and chorus. It sounds so pretty and delicate. Sorry, it's a little NSFW. Oops.

Kyle Dion - Brown*

I came across Kyle Dion last year but I never took time to peruse his previous album. As soon as Brown came out, I've been keeping track of him ever since. I really love the old school vibes this song gives off. It really takes things back to true R&B/soul music.

Nonchalant Savant - Mixed Signals*

Did you know this is Miguel's brother? I didn't so it was really cool to find out when I went to see Miguel on tour. I actually found this song in my Discover Weekly queue and didn't realize he was opening for Miguel until the week before the concert. This is my favorite song from Nonchalant so far. Its just a really great pace and laid back just like the singer himself.

Kehlani - Again*

I truly love this new stripped and acoustic direction Kehlani is taking. Honey is my favorite song from her last year. This one is a close second. I think this song shows a more vulnerable side of the singer and I really love her voice on songs like this.

Raveena - I Won't Mind*

Another Raveena song that I am obsessed with. I could go on about her for days. I'm actually sad I don't live in NY because I would LOVE to be a background singer and be her friend. (Not creepy, I swear. She was looking for some WOC to join her on a tour or something.)

Sonn & Ayelle - Lights Out

This song is another great song to put on when I come back from class and begin winding down for the day. The lyrics are sweet and sincere and capture longing and connection.

SATICA - Honey Whiskey

I really feel some Karen O vibes or something with the album artwork for this song. I really love SATICA's voice and how the song slowly builds into the chorus.

Jorja Smith - I Am*

Black Panther was a great movie. Please consider seeing it if you haven't yet. I really love how TDE did the album for this movie. As much as I enjoy the label, I am grateful for the inclusion of some artists like Jorja. Her voice is so unique and it floats through into the chorus and it sounds so nice to me. One of my favorite songs from that album aside from Paramedic!, All the Stars and X.


I feel like Syd collaborates with so many great and diverse artists. I'm glad too because that's how I find so many great artists. I really love this song and it has a really cute/sweet sound.

A l l i e - Cross My Mind*

A l l i e gives a nod to classic soul in this song. It really reminds me of Sade in this song and I really enjoy the push and pull of the vocalists in this.

Lolo Zouaï - High Highs to Low Lows

Lolo is so interesting to me. She's a cool singer from San Francisco and I think that her French roots make for an interesting twist in her songs. Another artist that floats effortlessly over some electronic beats. Her debut song is really catchy and sums up my month as we start getting closer to finals.

Kat Dahlia - Body and Soul

At first I didn't really enjoy this song but it grew on me. It kept coming up and I really do like the chorus.

July 7 & Jalen Santoy - Pronto (Jalen Santoy Remix)

Okay, July 7. This remix is infectious and I am really excited for summer. I can see this transitioning into a summer jam for me. There's some dissonance in this song that also catches my interest.

Nonchalant Savant - generation of beat

This song is so short and I wish it was a little longer. The song ebbs and flows until it fades away. Just like this playlist.

As always, let me know which songs were your favorite or if you have any music suggestions! I'd love to know what you're listening to this month!

I  really hope you enjoy this playlist for April. May this playlist keep you going as we head into the final weeks of the semester (if you are a student). If not hopefully this gets you in the mood for some of the upbeat choices I have been collecting for May. Be sure to subscribe to my blog and YouTube channel as I will be talking about these songs and playing some of my favorites for you! Thanks for reading!


Christine Celine