April 2019 Spotify Playlist


Hello and welcome to April! I love this month because it is when you can really start to feel the changes in weather since it is getting increasingly nicer out. This lifts my mood so much and I’m sure you’ve been feeling just as spritely as of late. This month’s playlist is a little longer but I hope you enjoy my latest finds. In addition, I’ve been making some more genre-specific playlists these days which you can find on my Spotify. My dank af playlist is my current obsession. Please enjoy and don’t forget you can follow the April 2019 Spotify playlist as well as my profile so that you don’t miss a single playlist.

April 2019 Spotify Playlist

Jungle - Casio*

This is one of my favorite songs from Jungle. It starts off with a driving beat before building into such an airy chorus. I always find myself dancing around my room to this track and I am certain you will too. I’m also so happy that I had a chance to see them perform live. They were absolutely phenomenal and put on a great show. I highly recommend checking them out because “For Ever” is a solid album.

Steve Lacy - C U Girl*

“I wanna C U Girl.” This song is such a mood and I absolutely love Steve Lacy’s sweet voice and lyrics. This is a song that will definitely brighten your day.

Snoh Aalegra - I Want You Around*

This song is absolutely gorgeous. Snoh Aalegra is another talented artist worth seeing live. This song is so silky smooth and sweet. I absolutely love the blend of back-up vocals and lyrics in this song.

Hale - Six Missed Calls*

“Say it like you mean it. It’s getting late, stay the night.” I absolutely adore Hale’s voice and the way this song winds and flows about.

Dwn2earth - Stay Tho*

“You say you wanna leave, but you can’t stay away. Imma make you stay.” Let this song sink into your soul. It’s absolutely perfect. I can literally just lay down and drift away to this track.

Azizi Gibson - Cabaret

“Cabaret” is fun and has some playful lyrics about getting with this girl. I love the album artwork as well.

Arin Ray - Reckless*

I absolutely dancing around to this song. This track has some summery synths and the chorus is really fun. I guess if you can’t wait, then there’s other options, huh.

keshi - 2 soon

This song is so gentle and bittersweet. I absolutely love the lo-fi production and the lyrics, “same crew; another mistress.”

Etta Bond - NGAF*

“If you ever did, maybe I made it up. It’s all in my head. You never gave a f*ck.” This song has been on an infinite loop this week. I absolutely love the lyrics and honestly they are so relatable. Time to be more careful about giving parts of me to anyone who doesn’t deserve them.

The Marías & Triathalon - Drip

“Drip” is psychedelic and groovy in all the right places. I adore the tempo and the synthesizers throughout. Both artists are so talented and I highly recommend checking out their individual work too.

Total Giovanni - When We Break

Here is another funky indie song with a lively production. You’ll enjoy this one if you like Jungle.

Jungle - Beat 54 (All Good Now)

This song sways effortlessly. This is one of the more laid-back tracks from Jungle but it somehow makes you want to dance regardless of how relaxed you are. Very reminiscent of the BeeGees, which I loved growing up.

girl in red - i need to be alone.

Sometimes I just need to be alone or I will also loose my sh*t. Life can get overwhelming and its always good to step back and regroup. March was a difficult month and I definitely needed my own time. This song was a perfect accompaniment. Luckily, I am back and ready to hit the ground running again.

Wallows & Clairo - Are You Bored Yet?*

This track is dreamy and very candid. I wish people were more honest about things and this culminates that feeling perfectly.

Delacey - My Man

I love Delacey’s voice and how she admits that she isn’t perfect and that some other girl can just step right in. This track is moody with a slight retro-inspired vibe.

Choker - Lucky

This song reminds me of Frank Ocean mixed with Dijon. It’s a very stripped back song that highlights Choker’s vocals over simple acoustics.

The Marías - Only in My Dreams*

I love to just sink into my bed listening to this song. The Marías will seriously transport you to another dimension.

slenderbodies - better like that

This track blooms into a very psychedelic, funky track with a steady tempo. slenderbodies is quite enjoyable and I hope you give their latest releases a listen.

Omar Apollo - Trouble

Another song with a very mellow vibe. Omar Apollo’s voice blends so seamlessly with the layered vocals and instrumentation. It’s beautiful.

SG Lewis & Clairo - Throwaway*

I absolutely love the lyrics and SG Lewis’s production. This song is sweet and wholesome.

SMLE & Leanys - Fyl*

Searching for your love just got much more enjoyable with this track. It’s so sentimental and cute. The production is also magical.

Brasstracks & Grace - Follows*

This song is about the one who got away and Grace’s vocals are hypnotic. The inclusion of brass instruments from Brasstracks really breathes life into this one.

Domo Genesis & Anderson .Paak - Dapper

This is a feel good vibe with a very danceable tempo. I absolutely love the background vocals and each one of the verses.

Junglepussy & QUIÑ - Ready 2 Ride

This song is summery and has such playful lyrics. A good intro to warmer weather.

Troop Brand - Knocking on Doors*

I really enjoyed this when it first came on. The guitar riffs are so well orchestrated coupled with verses that flow so effortlessly.

Artistnameleon - I’m Ready*

Another summery song with some dance hall inspired beats. This is perfect for April and being ready for this spring weather.

Dwn2earth - Mutombo

Here is another R&B track from Dwn2earth that has a very hazy vibe. I love his production as well.

ELHAE & Big K.R.I.T. - Sanctuary*

This song vaguely reminds me of Chris Brown. Here is a PSA to find a partner who worships you in every way possible.

K. Forest - Bad

A song about someone that’s toxic for you and yet you’re still sticking around because in the moment it feels great.

Always Never - Wylin’*

This is an electronic R&B song with a really good bass. It’s an extremely hazy track with lighter hi-hats and raspy vocals.

anders - Bad Habits

This song is a playful return for anders. Looking forward to his future releases. I might have some bad habits that I’ve acquired over the past couple months, figures.

Doja Cat - Down Low

Keep it on the down low. I really love this song and it reminds me of a racing video game for some reason. Doja Cat has been one of my favorite artists this year and last. She’s so quirky and creative.

Bene - Soaked*

Taking it back to the indie side, “Soaked” is a really infectious song that I can play on repeat. I always find myself humming along to this one.

MARINA - Orange Trees

I used to love Marina and the Diamonds but I particularly love and appreciate this new rebrand from MARINA. The songs are more stripped down and natural. Less about the dramatics and more focused on being natural and relatable.

Mild High Club - Note to Self

This is another song that you will enjoy if you like Wallows and other similar bedroom indie artists. It’s very straightforward and well paced.

Sylo Nozra & Art of Shades - Meadows*

With spring approaching, I hope you find yourself in meadows of florals. This song always reminds me of this season and makes me truly joyful. Sylo Nozra’s voice is so addictive and I love all his releases to date.

Gallant - Haha No One Can Hear You!

Gallant has such a gorgeous voice and I find the backup vocals entertaining. I hope that this song accompanies you on those calm drives down the coast.

Billy Lemos, Maxwell Young, Omar Apollo - 12:34 AM*

This is such a beautiful collaboration that starts off simple before diving into a very catchy and downtempo chorus. All of its hazy glory dissipates into nothing so suddenly. I wish there was more but this is what makes it great.

Joe Hertz & Nonô - Møøn

Joe Hertz returns with a jazzy number accompanied by some brass and airy vocals from Nonô.

Saba & Jean Deaux - Photosynthesis

With the flowers blooming and things moving, its time to go through our own photosynthesis. Just sow your seeds and get ready to see them bloom after you put in the hard work.

Brandon - Equinox

Again with the change of seasons, this track is extremely appropriate. In addition, Brandon’s vocals are so ethereal. If you enjoy Daniel Caesar’s “Japanese Denim” and Frank Ocean, then this song is for you.

Dijon - Drunk

This song is so vulnerable and candid. I really enjoy Dijon’s vocals and how this song makes me feel.

Obed Padilla - Somebody Else*

Same. It’s always tough seeing someone move onto someone else. It doesn’t matter though because this song is mellow in all the right places and will help you forget.

Nicotine’s Famous Honey - Running

This song is very soothing and takes you on a journey from the first moment to the bridge and beyond.

Felly - Maple

The song lyrics detail what I can only assume is a break up and the aftermath. Some things linger longer than we realize.

Doja Cat - Roll With Us*

Ending the month with this track. It’s so smooth and helps round out a rather random collection of songs and moods.

I hope you found some gems in this playlist. Have a beautiful month and I’ll see you in May with my next playlist. As always, please give me song recommendations as I may feature them on next month’s playlist!


Christine Celine